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Hi Has anyone had any adverse effects while taking Bisoprolol, I have just been prescribed it and wondered what others have found with it.

84 Replies
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I take it along with 6 other meds and no problems experienced to date

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Cold hands and feet, and tiredness. Still take it daily but have had the dose reduced and the side effects are significantly less.

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Lurchergirl in reply to Calliope153

Thanks for responding to my question, the Pharmacist at Tesco`s said I would feel tired so we`ll see

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Tom-Brown1111 in reply to Lurchergirl

Been taking them for over 2 years with no side effects at all. Hope all is ok.

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Lurchergirl in reply to Tom-Brown1111

Thanks, Tom, it`s good to know you`re OK on them. Gonna take my first one tomorrow so wish me luck

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Recoil66 in reply to Calliope153

Same here

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What dose have they put you on?

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Lurchergirl in reply to shopman

Only 2.5 to start with, I have to report back to my GP in 3 weeks to let him know how I`m getting on with it and the Pharmacist at Tesco`s is going to ring me in a weeks time to see how things are.

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I've been taking Bisoprolol since a bypass operation last October. My hands and feet seem slightly cooler than previously, I sometimes feel fatigued (although exercise is definitely overcoming that tiredness), and occasionally I'll feel slightly dizzy if I jump up too quickly from reclining.

On the other hand Bisoprolol has done exactly what it says on the tin. My blood pressure is significantly down after taking this medication and is now consistently below 120/80 from previously being consistently above 140/90.

Given that high blood pressure is a serious risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, I'm happy to put up with Bisoprolol's negatives in order to receive its benefits.

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Extreme tiredness even at lowest dose.

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Lurchergirl in reply to bantam12

I can be tired on my own so might spend a lot of time asleep, I`ll see how I get on

Lurchergirl profile image

My Pharmacist said I`ll feel tired. Does it wear off after taking them for awhile?

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bantam12 in reply to Lurchergirl


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Lurchergirl in reply to bantam12

Super, I`m tired enough without having something to make me worse.

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Chappychap in reply to Lurchergirl

I've been taking them for over six months, there was no sign of the tiredness abating until I started exercising more seriously.

At first it was quite hard pushing through the Bisoprolol fog to complete the recommended 150 minutes a week of aerobic exercise. However, I suspect the exercise is starting to reduce the Bisprolol tiredness. I'm still pretty whacked come bedtime, but during the day I seem to be more alert and energetic than I was.

But, like I said before, Bisoprolol really works to reduce blood pressure. Based on my own reading I've seen three things that have had a positive effect in reducing blood pressure, a low salt diet, aerobic exercise, and Bisoprolol.

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No_fixed_abode in reply to Chappychap

Hmmm, when I was on them I could not do useful exercise, walking 100m up a hill would leave me feeling like crap, dizzy, and about to faint. Having read the above I am also wondering if they were responsible for my chronic fatigue at the time. Once stopped, it took a further 2 months for my heart rate to come back to normal.

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Froggy in reply to No_fixed_abode

Hiya - can I ask what you take Bisoprolol for? Mine is for my too fast heart rate.

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Akwasi in reply to Froggy

Me too. Take it for too fast heartrate and chest pains. Tarchycardia or something.

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Thanks for that, good to know if I do get any problems

Lurchergirl profile image

Yeh, my Husband took them for a few years along with countless other pills and he was OK but was taken off them when he became a Diabetic

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Apart from the predicted 5am wake up I've been ok with bisoprolol ,I got upped from 5 to 7.5mg after my bypass because I got a bit fast but for the 12 months I think it's been ok . The ticagrelor and Rampiril are a bit of a hassle tho

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DenHump in reply to Deanosbeano

Hi, the predicted 5am wake up call? Im intrigued as I keep waking at 5.30 am and didn't realise it could be due to the Bisoporol....Im on 1.25mg a day and I am sooooooo tired I could sleep at any time and I just get so exhausted and I have dizzy spells too, I am just starting to take them at night instead to see if that makes a difference...fingers crossed

Deanosbeano profile image
Deanosbeano in reply to DenHump


Yeah it's common apparently although not recognised by Drs or manufacturers that Bisoprolol users get a 5am wake up call ,however not all it seems but a good percentage.

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Beefsteak123 in reply to DenHump

I take 2.5mg bisoprolol, was advised by gp to take in the morning . Principally it reduces Pulse, if you take it when sleeping , pulse drops anyway so potentially could drop too low....also taking candesartan and amlodipine.Taking all in the morning now .

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If I`m Ok on them, I reckon my dose will get put up too. Couldn`t take Ramipril, made what they were supposed to be treating worse.

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I have been taking Bisoprolol for two years and really have no significant signs - other than feeling tired - and feeling colder than normal.

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I am on 7.5mg now started on 2.5mg, I’ve found it fine. It does the job, I do feel tired sometimes but I’m on other meds too so it could be them.

As already said, the side effects, if any, are all different to each and every one of us. Why not have a look at the printed paper inside the packaging of the medicine where it gives a range of side effects from minor to severe and when to seek medical intervention if suffering.

Jamse profile image

i take 7.5mg in the morning and 7.5mg eve im tired and cold all the time

Harrison4 profile image
Harrison4 in reply to Jamse

That seems to be high

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Hi Lurchergirl, been on 5mg Bisoprolol for a couple of years, I'm tired a lot of the time and my sleep pattern seems to be up the wall. Waking everyday at 4:50am for some reason!

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Hi, Ive taken various doses over the years, from 2.5mg to 6,.75mg at which point I had full blown asthma type symptoms, but the usual things are cold extremities and a dripping nose I’ve found, but of course it’s different for everyone, it’s a good med despite the wishes .Dee

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I have been taking 1.25mg for nearly five months now. I am taking it for rapid and irregular heartbeat, the rapid heartbeat has settled now a days though it took a little while for it to work fully. Still feel the heartbeat irregular very rarely though. Cardiologist in Germany said it is the best medicine for my kind of problem. So far so good, awaiting my appointment from Birmingham to come to for further investigation.

I was put on them after an episode of fast AF. Dropped my heart rate to 40 & lowered my postural BP to make me feel dizzy & so tired it was like wading through treacle. Not for me, but may suit you if your BP & HR are high. We are all different & respond differently.

Pat x

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I was prescribed them post stent on top of Lisinopril that I had been taking for years. I had a very bad reaction. After a week I got up and couldn’t walk. Pulse dropped below 40 and I was blue lit to a&e. Immediately taken off them and never looked back. But remember we are all different.

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I was prescribed it after having stents fitted but had to come off it as it was slowing my heart rate too much. I have a slow rate anyway but it was slowing me down to about 40 beats per minute!!

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Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bedsock! Get some good ones😀

Don’t worry about the dose for now, the amount bodies can cope with varies hugely. I’m only on 1.25, even 2.5 caused problems- but I still get the cold feet.

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isobelhannah18 in reply to HectorsDad

And a hot water bottle!

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Hi, I’ve been on it since February, started on 2.5, increased to 3.75, now on 5mg. Knocked me for six the first week, then subsequently on each increase for about a week. Used to take it in the morning, gradually I have moved it to bedtime, I seem to be able to tolerate it better that way. They want me to get up to 10mg but there isn’t a prayer i will be a zombie. Everyone is different but I would recommend taking it in the evening as apposed to the morning. Good luck x

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Hi Lurchergirl. I have taken Bisoprolol for 18 months now, 2.5 given for a sudden attack of af and tachycardia. It makes me tired, feet are like blocks of ice most of the time, and weight gain for no reason. Am also on flecainide. But it does the job and if I change to another drug means I have to go through all the new side effects again. So better the devil you know. Good luck

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Was started on 2.5mg and they completely knocked me for six. Just felt totally unwell. Saw GP and he reduced to 1.25. Loads better. Still appear to have a lack of breath walking uphill which I didn't have as bad before and developed a slight dry cough

Jane4297 profile image

It's made me very very tired and also turned my hands and feet into ice. One of the BHF Cardiac Nurses suggested I take it in the evening so as to split it up from other morning meds. This has hugely helped the coldness but now I have the waking at 4.30 am etc which other people suffer.

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I am taking 2.5mg. It makes me feel very tired and dizzy and as a consequence anxious and depressed. Also cold and numb hands and feet! But the cardiologist is happy it is protecting my heart by slowing my heart rate and lowering blood pressure. I agree that exercise helps a bit in managing the symptoms. Good luck!

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As others have said, side effects are different for everyone. I know some on 10 mg+ who are fine and others on 1.25 who are troubled. For me, it is much better than Metoprolol, with which there have been supply problems, so I found a "better" beta blocker by chance. It can be overly worrying anticipating side effects, but then it is wise to know whether strange symptoms might be the pills. Not always an easy thing to navigate. From what I have heard, bisoprolol is a beta blocker which is quite amenable to changing the dose, up if it's not being effective, down if it's causing problems, and yes, taking in the evening helps to avoid tiredness/heavy legs. The other classic beta blocker symptom is if you are at all asthmatic, which I am, but I just use my brown inhaler and all is OK. Best luck with it, Lurchergirl.

Couldbeworse profile image

5mg.... Get a bit tired at the end of the day. Cold hands and feet, if you get up too fast you feel a bit dizzy but... after a few weeks of your body getting used to them the effects lessen and all in all no problem.... a good tablet that drops the BP. In saying that everyone is different so hopefully you will be in the no problem bracket.

Regards ... Couldbeworse.

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Started recently , slows you down but OK and seems to work well

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I was prescribed Bisoprolol for chest pain last August after a short stay in hospital, I take 2.5mg a day in the morning. Initially it left me feeling very spaced-out and surreal at times but this seems to have eased in the last couple of months.

Fatigue is a factor, but I confess I don't get enough sleep anyway, so that doesn't help! I also have tinnitus in my left ear which has gotten worse, I suspect this is linked to the Bisoprolol, but again don't have any proof.

I've had the usual 'head-rushes' when changing posture, but this also seems to be easing. My pulse rate has dropped to around 50 and I do experience hypotension-like symptoms occasionally, so I try to keep hydrated etc.

The enduring side-effect for me is dizziness which has been quite severe at times, but is currently not too bad-or maybe I'm just getting used to it!

Pandorella profile image

I have been reading all your comments. I now realise why I feel tired and cannot go up hills easily. My hands and feet are always very cold, and like others I seem to wake up very early, but still feel too tired to get up. I am going to try and start taking it at night time and see what happens. I am on 2.5 mg. and have been taking the Bisoprolol for 5 months. I seem to learn so much from all the comments. Thanks to Everyone.

I started on 2.5mg five months ago. Only side effect I've had is feeling a bit tired especially after exertion at gym or long walks. It's done the trick though - heart lowered and to date, no feeling of AF episodes. Just lowered dose to 1.25mg after seeing my EP so hoping nothing changes.Make sure you take dose in the morning and with food - it lowers risk of side effects I was told.

Penelly profile image

I have been taken isoprobel for 10years with no side effects

Avarae profile image

I been on it 4 months im fine with it x

Clarijohn profile image

I had a triple bypass 14 years ago and have been on bisoprolol ever since, along with 4 other heart meds, which currently are - amlodipine, candesartan, aspirin and atorvastatin, my dosage has varied over the years from 5mg at first dropping to 1.25mg and then back up to 2.5mg when I was diagnosed with angina 2 years ago. I am now 85 and still reasonably active but the bisoprolol does cause me to feel the cold and be more tired than I feel I should be. The main purpose of this drug is to slow down your heart so it is inevitable that these side effects are likely to occur but once you adjust to them you will still be able to enjoy life.

R3mi profile image
R3mi in reply to Clarijohn

Thanks Clarijohn have been taking these for a month now on1.25 dosage but tiredness even when sitting down but thanks for your encouraging words it has helped greatly good luck to you and everyone on the forum

Kaka-23 profile image

Yeah I got dizziness for awhile reduced dosage okay now it’s normal side effects

Platypus6 profile image

I am on the same and having problems functioning so weak and tired

Mitchxda profile image

hi I am on 1.25 mg but I take mine on a night time find that suits me better

Andrew_A profile image

Been on it since August, never any problems. Now taking 2.5mg in the morning and 5mg at night

jimmyq profile image

The side effects I got were: runny nose & sneezing, tiredness, blurred vision, diarrhoea, dizziness, itching, nightmares, suicidal thoughts. My doctor took me off them when I got my BP low enough.

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Loz199 in reply to jimmyq

Wow, this sounds like me! I've been taking 5mg for 2 weeks now. Been itching, tired and all the symptoms you mention. I've gone from being a happy, upbeat person to sitting crying for absolutely no reason. I'm just realising it could be this medication.

Lurchergirl profile image

Don`t think I like the sounds of that even though I know not everyone is the same, I`m getting most of those things with Propranolol which is why my Doctor switched me, I`m only on 2.5mg to start with, not had one yet, wanted to see what other people had experienced with them.

Qualipop profile image

I had extreme tiredness, BP too low but the worst was hallucinations when I took it on an evening. It was moved to evening because I was too tired to function but had nightmares and woudl wake to see gigantic black worms all over the walls.

Lurchergirl profile image
Lurchergirl in reply to Qualipop

Did they take you off them and put you on something else

Qualipop profile image
Qualipop in reply to Lurchergirl

I was given a different one but couldn't tolerate that eiter so I don't now take any. My BP Is fine but my pulse is high

Mike424u profile image

I have been on Bisoprolol for 8 months now, the side effects are terrible, but it does what it says on the packet and its keeping me alive along with Ramipril, so I just put up with it, cold hands and feet, I don't get the tired effect thank good. With the Ramipril as well it drains me and I get short of breath at times, then there's the smell, it makes your skin stink, its like being in an old folks home as my wife keeps telling me. And my taste buds have died everything taste so bland and lips are always tingling and I have a very dry mouth all the time, apart from that its fine, have fun with it not.

Lurchergirl profile image

Think I`m going off these tablets, nothing good about them, haven`t had one yet and maybe won`t, hope the Metoprolol is available again soon. Thanks for sharing.

isobelhannah18 profile image

I'm on 2.5 mg and this hasn't been increased because my B.P. fell too low. I get fatigue, vertigo,really cold extremities. There are other drugs but my cardiologist says this is the best so at the moment (7 months post H.A. ) I'm seeing how it goes. I'm lucky that I've retired but the fatigue and vertigo constrain your life.

Marco123 profile image

I have been on 10 mg Bisoprolol for about 9 years now for AF. I still have cold hands and feet and sometimes feel tired but am used to it so it does not bother me. As it s doing its job I am quite happy to keep taking it.

dragonheart profile image

iv had no side effect with this medication been taking a year

Brokenheart19 profile image

Had it prescribed after heart attack - couldn’t continue as side effects were too adverse with asthma! Good luck and persevere!

Gladwyn profile image

I've been taking 7.5 for over 3 years and didn't realise my cold extremities were the result lol. I sleep like a log but do get very tired during the day so perhaps that's the Bisoprolol at work. I read somewhere recently that they were very addictive and hard to get off.i hope not!!

Lurchergirl profile image

Good idea

Parisa1 profile image

I have been taking Bisoprolol for last 6 years and no side effect as such. However, having a cold hands, feet and a bit of sleep problem otherwise all good.

marvelman profile image

Been on 6.25mg daily for 6 weeks - very tired and light headed and some hearing & constipation issues BUT my blood pressure is down and pulse rate controlled and regular exercise is helping. Ok - so not 100% good news but I’m gonna stick with it and work through it as my cardio nurse reckons it will get better and I need to get my AF and HF under some control. What’s the alternative?

marvelman profile image

Oh! - forgot the runny nose - what’s that all about? Weird stuff. Stick with it!

mrpenguin profile image

Are any of you taking Bisoprolol on a Whole food plant based diet?

House28 profile image

I'm on 10mg every day and have been for the past 2 years find it good for me

Pops8 profile image

Hi I’ve been on bisoprolol for for about 3 years and I can honestly say its never had me up at 5am, I do feel tired but it could have something to do with the other medication I am on. I have never felt cold, I wish I did because I’m always hot . Hope you get on ok

Only just started well beta blockers can cause depression unreal Ness

But while hearts need help it can make workload easier

Zoesgranny profile image

I felt lethargic, breathless and generally “strange”. Dose reduced slightly and amlodipine added to make up for it. So far so good (2years ago)

Lurchergirl profile image

Hi - Thanks for sharing your experience of Bisoprolol, that`s how it`s affected me, it`s the tiredness and dizziness that were the real problems, just interfered with my life. Saw Doc yesterday and he`s changed them for Carvadilol but having read the splurge, not sure I`ll be any better off, we`ll see. I had been on Metoprolol for several years but then Pharmacy couldn`t get them so been changed tablets 3 times so far but they are now able to get them again so would really like to go back on them but will give these new ones a chance first.

HowMyHeartSings profile image
HowMyHeartSings in reply to Lurchergirl

Hi. How did you get on with the new meds? I've found this thread very useful - I'm on 2.5 of Bisoprolol taken in the morning and I'm losing intermittently entire night's of sleep. Have you settled on meds that work for you?

Lurchergirl profile image

Hiya - Carvadilol were worse than Bisoprolol for me, only took 4, they made me sick and caused a very bad AF attack which lasted 8 hours, took another days Bisoprolol before going to see my GP knowing I could get the Metoprolol again so asked to go back on them which I did. I had been taking them for 2-3 years with no problems, now back on them with no side effects and am just hoping and praying they are always available. Also take 10mg Apixaban and 20mg Atorvastatin. Carvadilol was a definite `no-no` for me.

Jennyboxer profile image

Yes I have I am constantly tired, Have developed very painful knees and I am short of breath. I cannot tolerate blood pressure tablets, been on 9 and all make my joints painful. My rheumatologist not my cardiologist !! took me off straight away and gave me Bendrefluzamide it works magnificently my blood pressure is perfect now.

thelma1960 profile image

I had to take them after a ha and stent , even though I didn't have high blood pressure. I found them to be a nightmare. Kept passing out with no warning( glad I live in a bungalow!). I also felt like a zombie- my body was there but I wasnt! Dr wouldn't take me off them as they were also to help repair the heart. However cardiac nurses at my rehab sessions became concerned and gave me a letter for the doctor. The change was immediate after being taken off.

I also had some very weird dreams and also hallucinations but that may have been due to another medication

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