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Myocardial Perfusion


My husband has had the above test done today and on way home it has brought on his angina symptoms terrible. He thinks it’s due to the fatty food he had to eat for it. He is getting bad chest pains and down arm and in neck. Has anyone else had this after this test?

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Unless the symptoms are fixed with his GTN spray he should turn around, go back to the hospital, and get that checked.

I had it during the 20 minute scan I had a cheese butter for my fatty meal as requested but I always assumed it was acid reflux as a zantac / ranitidine stoped it when I got home , but because the two are hard to differentiate between I'll never know I guess .

Thanks Deanisbeano, he ended up getting rushed to hospital as he started feeling like someone was jumping up and down on his chest and it was all down his arm and in jaw. I think he has got a blockage somewhere. But a few months ago just before they did angiogram to find out - he had a Peri arrest and now they seem dubious about sending him for it. He has a lot of other health issues going on as well. X

I know your fears hope all goes well

My acid reflux and angina always went same way stomach to chest to shoulder to shoulder to jaw

They seemed very similar and even nurse and Dr says we always air on it being heart

Good luck

I hope he is ok and the pain gone now , if not I’d go back , but could be acid attack due to fatty foods maybe , I had that test which said I had thickening of heart but then I had follow up mri what said I didn’t , but I have got a 70 percent blockage in one artery , hope mri is correct , xx


He is still in hospital at moment - ecg and bloods and chest X-ray were all clear but they keeping him in to observe.

Thank-you for the update. From your reply, it sounds as though you and he took the decision to go back to the unit for a check and they hospitalised him for tests and observation - 'good on yer', considering your post yesterday that sounds the most sensible thing to have done.

Hopefully things will resolve quickly and well, and you both will be back to your daily lives soon.

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