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Of course it has to be during the Bank Holiday!

For the last 4 days I’ve bern experiencing a strange sensation in the chest/throat area after slight exertion (such as running upstairs - nothing really energetic) and also sometimes when laying down. The feeling I can only really describe as that horrible burning, aching feeling you get when you’ve been running as much as you can, and everything feels congested and painful in upper chest and throat. I do feel breathless when it does it.

I’m a 52 yr old female, treated hypertension, overweight, hypothyroid. At first I put it down to hay fever induced asthma, but I’m now beginning to think this may be angina. Obviously will be going to doc when I can get in next week. I just didn’t think chest pain from something cardiac would feel like this? Can anyone else out their describe their angina for me please?

Thanks for reading

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Heart symptoms can vary from person to person and women usually have non specific niggles which Drs choose to dismiss as not cardiac related, that is why us women are left undiagnosed and untreated for so long.

Don't let them fob you off, if you are worried it's your heart you have to be persistent.

When I get angina it's like someone is pressing the point below my Adams apple as though there is a pressure in my throat a heavy feeling. Are your symptoms relieved by GTN spray? If not you should seek immediate help and that may involve a visit to A&E. I know it's the last thing you want to do but it could be signs of a heart attack. Hopefully it's not but it's the only way to check. Only other thing I can think of is some sort of upper stomach issue like reflux but I emphasise have it checked immediately especially if short of breath.

Please get yourself checked out asap. This was one of the symptoms I had prior to my diagnosis of angina. Women appear to suffer a lot of non specific symptoms that they don't think are related to angina.

Well, a blue light to the PPCI - called ambo at 2345, STemi 😞😞😞 feel gobsmacked.

Thanks all

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jimmyq in reply to Sillyfroggy

Get well soon!

Well, I'm so glad you called an ambulance! Yes, you will be gobsmacked! Please ask lots of questions about everything before you go home & make sure you look after yourself. 💜

Now you'll get sorted.All the

Hope you feel better very soon. I can relate to the gobsmacked - very much how I feel right now day 5 after Stemi - perhaps we can support each other?

Definitely. Where are you, age etc. I’ve spent the last 2 weeks painting the outside of our cottage with my husband and nursing a sick chicken . This wasn’t part of the plan! How did yours come about? X

Hi again, my name is Jane, I’m 57 and live about 10 miles from Peterborough, fortunately not too far from Papworth. How are you feeling now?

I’ve had atypical angina for a few years but usually well controlled and a few months ago got myocarditis ( post viral infection of the heart muscle -not serious and goes of it’s own accord)

I had my gallbladder removed nearly 4 weeks ago and it seemed to have taken me a while to recover, felt tired and dizzy. I started getting mild chest pains but it was so similar to the myocarditis, that I didn’t take too much notice, then 5 days later when I was at work, the pain increased significantly, felt really sweaty and unwell. A colleague drove me to Peterborough hospital but it was chaotic, I got there just after 4pm, it took ages for an ecg, wasn’t given any medication for a number of hours and was told my blood tests were clear. Later I was seen by the cardiologist who said I had 2 markers out of 3 for a heart attack. I was then transferred to Papworth by ambulance and immediately had an angiogram and 2 stents fitted but this wasn’t until about 2am. Discharged on Friday,with a barrel load of drugs. I’m worried that the delay between the stemi and treatment will have caused heart damage.

On the whole I feel better than I did before but it’s hard not to worry about every twinge. Fortunately, my kids are grown up, although my daughter is currently traveling in Asia so it’s been really hard for her. How old are your children?

That’s probably far more detail than you needed!

I’m going to have to lose a load of weight and start to take regular exercise not just walking the dogs!

How long will you be in hospital for? Have they said what treatment you will need?

Look forward to hearing from you x

Still in the dark re. Future drugs etc. My BP is still really low but they told me last night there’s another narrowing they need to deal with but they didn’t trust my BP to tolerate another one. I veer between wow I feel better, to almost not believing it - I was up a ladder painting my front door yesterday (feel a bit gangsta hard woman doing that whilst nursing this chaos!)

I’m very scared for from here on in, ditto weight, eating habits and exercise. I look around and think of so many people I know who are lots bigger than me, and very inactive and am thinking ‘why me?’

My girls are 13 and 14, the eldest has ASD, which thankfully for once has been a blessing as she’s very calm and factual about it, and congratulated me for calling ambo!!!

Current plan to keep me in until Weds morning but I know these docs have secret random ideas so never say never!

My name’s Nic

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Plum53 in reply to Sillyfroggy

Thank you for your posts they are really helpful to me. I have an 80% narrowing of the LAD and always worry if things get worse what could happen . I am being treated with medication but if I get angina more often in future then may require a stent. I am glad you are being treated now and in the right place. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.

( I am a lady of 66 I was 63 when I had first episode of angina. )

I am 57 and had a similar experience while I had a respiratory infection at the very end of January this year.. It felt like I had been running in freezing cold air. I had been working 2 days previously and was going to the gym so it was totally unexpected. I too had an NSTEMI and had to wait for 10 days for the stent due to infection and the fact that the procedure has to be performed at a hospital out of area. This has not impacted on my recovery even though it meant I had chest pain during this time regularly. Recovery has been much slower than I expected but we are all different and it is all about listening to your own body.

So, this morning brought lots of encouraging news. My HA was ‘the best one to have if you’re going to have one’ in an artery at the back of my heart. Had an echo and everything looks to be functioning well despite very high trop levels after the HA. BP coming up slowly, good ecg this morning too. Some not so good news - the LAD is showing narrowing so back in 2 weeks for another angiogram to decide what they’re going to do. Hopefully home tomorrow!

Plum - definitely keep an eye on your angina. What does yours feel like?

Fern - mine was a STemi, not nstemi. My angio and balloon were done the minute I got to hospital. All very scary, isn’t it?

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Plum53 in reply to Sillyfroggy

Hi , the first time I had angina was on a trip to Scotland September 16 it felt like a tightness under my neck . A pressure , I was walking up a slope when I stopped it went off. Next time a few days later felt like a strong ache in middle of chest between breasts. I knew it was something . Saw Dr had tests and angiogram in Nov 16 told there and then by cardiologist about blockage. He said good blood flow so treated with medication. Told me they go by symptoms so unless I get it more frequently or at rest then will consider a stent. I have had it once since while in Carabean that was ache again mid chest slightly off to right. Sat down used spray and it went off. Thank god. I felt a bit tearful after as one never knows if this is going to be big. I try to think of all the positives in my life. Good luck for the future X

Very scary! I am only just beginning to feel "normal". You may find that you feel very emotional once you get home. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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