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Candesartan 32mg odour


Hi everyone. I am new to this forum. I have been looking for some information about the 32mg candesartan tablets I should point out I only have this with tablets produced by Crescent Pharm a Ltd. Any other ones are always white with no odour. But these ones are a pink/orange colour and have the worst smell it's almost like skunk. Not that I have ever used skunk but am completely aware of its smell. It's disgusting. Has anyone else noticed this? It makes me nervous to take it. Do you think.I to my doctor about it? Thanks for your help in advance

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Hi and welcome can't really help with your query, I take 32 mg but in 2x16 mg one morning and one night time. Well until two night ago that was the regime I am changing tonight to Entresto. My 16mg tablets for Candesartan says AMIAS 16mg Tablets (Takeda) they are a pinkish tablet solid not a capsule. Hope that helps a little.


My wife is a Pharmacy Technician. I have phoned her at work and she has asked their Pharmacist. He says that you should take them back to the Pharmacy where you got them and let them have a smell.

Hi there. I took your advice and took t g e tablets to the pharmacy this morning. The pharmacist has assures me that they should be ok to take and they hat they ha they are packaged in some kind of something or other to stop oxygen getting to them. Nitrogen or something I can't remember what she said now. She's made a note not to get that brand again as they do smell pretty awful although nobody else has taken them back yet. So I'll try them again as I keep stopping taking them cos I hate the taste. Could be a psychological thing that I think they are making me to feel ill because of this odour.

Can you make the lifestyle changes required to get off the drug altogether?

Hello! My candesartan are the same as prada47's. 16mg and pink but they don't have any odour!

Hi all thanks for the welcome. And thank you for your replies. I think.I will take them to the chemist tomorrow. I don't think they are right. I don't think they should smell. The first lot I had like it I developed cystitis soon after taking it. And this time I have been having exactly the same problem and I don't normally suffer from this. Seems too much of a coincidence

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