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Long wait is almost over

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Today is the day of my aortic valve replacement, and it’s been quite a wait. I was diagnosed with moderate stenosis aged 58, just over four years ago, and have had regular echo tests since.

Last May the test showed that it was severe, and another angiogram was performed. The surgeon wasn’t too happy with what he saw, so requested a pressure wire test. Result - a double bypass graft as well 😱. I was actually expecting stents, which is what I was originally told!

During the past four years I’ve managed to continue doing most things, even keeping up my trips to the gym, although exercise intensity has dropped considerably!

I am sitting here wondering if I really should be here, as I don’t feel too bad! Still a lot of denial going on I think, even at this very late stage!

I’d like to thank everyone who went through this last year, and shared details of their journeys. Most seemed very straight forward (thankfully), but one springs to mind that was very eventful😁. What a read! I actually don’t mind which journey I follow, as long as I end up at the same destination!

I’d also like to that all the hearties who had already had surgery and recovered and offered great advice and support. To say it has been helpful would be an understatement. No offence to the ‘Heart Stars’, but I think you are all Heart stars.

Hope to give you an update later in the week.

In the meantime I hope you all have a very healthy and happy year.


30 Replies
Nathan53 profile image

Hello Keith - thinking of you and sending best wishes for today. It's good that you ' don't feel that bad' as you are going into your op in better condition than many. Looking forward to hearing how you are doing when you feel able

in reply to Nathan53

Thank you. All preps done, now the final wait. Hope to post midweek🤞

Zena166 profile image

Hi Keith. Good luck for today. Stay positive and remember to accept the pain relief when offered. You are in good hands and think about what you will be able to do in a couple of weeks. Take care and sending positive thoughts and hugs. Zena x

in reply to Zena166

Thank you Zena, will try to stay positive, and focus on the future!


Calliope153 profile image

best wishes for a speedy recovery.

in reply to Calliope153

Thank you!

Ticktock61 profile image

Hi Keith

You followed me and now it’s my turn to follow you

Everything will be fine and in a matter of hours you’ll be on the other side of the fence with a new life ahead of you 😀

Remember when you wake up do everything your told to do and little is more in this situation remember that. Your in my thoughts and I can’t wait to hear from you when your well enough to pick up a phone or an iPad etc to let us all know your ok

Good look my friend and later today you’ll be a fully paid up member of the club

Big hugs to you pal

Pete x

in reply to Ticktock61

Cheers Pete, and what a journey you had. As I said in my post, I’d be happy to follow that as long as I ‘get there’!

Worst part over now - shaving and inspection😱😂

Hopefully update everyone midweek.


Gundoglady profile image

Good luck, see you back here in a few days X

And best wishes for a speedy recovery x

in reply to Gundoglady

Thank you!

sims789 profile image

Good luck Keith! Waiting to hear from you in a few days ❤️


in reply to sims789

Thank you Jan, hopefully in a couple of days.

Riedenise profile image

Good luck Keith, speedy recovery. Wait to hear from you on the recovery side. XX Rie

in reply to Riedenise

Thank you! Roll on midweek!

ITSINTHEBAG9 profile image

Very best wishes to you Keith xx

in reply to ITSINTHEBAG9

Thank you. Almost there now, just waiting for the call!

MichaelJH profile image
MichaelJHHeart Star

Good luck for today - it will be fine. Although a major event for you it is routine for the cardiac team. My tip is ask for pain relief when needed - there are no rewards for toughing it out, and being in pain tires you and slows recovery.

in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you! As you say it’s routine for them, although for me.... I don’t think I’m brave enough to tough it out😁

Chappychap profile image

And the very best of British to you Keith!

Cheers Chappychap. Trying to keep a stiff upper lip!😁

mandm65 profile image

all the best mate, looking forward to reading all about it comes midweek, take good care and keep the chin up.

Fredders profile image

Hi Keith, only just seen this. Hope everything has gone okay. Keep us posted.

Wendy xx

MichaelJH profile image
MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Fredders

Yes, I think the lack of transmission since this morning suggests things went ahead with no last minute cancellations. He may well be in ICU with that "car crash" feeling! Wishing you well Keith!

Fredders profile image
Fredders in reply to MichaelJH

We all know that feeling 🤪

Chrissyh80 profile image

Hope all went well❤ Good luck with your recovery, steady away x

Andyman profile image

Hope all went well and you are recovering.

Nic25 profile image

Hello Keith. Hopefully you're in the throes of recovery by now just to add a belated good luck and fingers crossed for you. I had my AVR done last month (Dec 13) and even though it is early days am already noticing a real difference from what I always assumed was "normal". The first few days can be hard but I've certainly found the recovery process much quicker than I had ever expected. So hope it goes/has gone well and that you're soon out the other side and on the road to recovery. We're all with you!

Nic x

DavidG1971 profile image

Best of luck. Hope all went well.

saxondaisy profile image

Good luck, you may not feel yourself for a while but, like my husband, you will feel a lot better in a few weeks so don't worry.He too had aortic valve replacement and double by pass

in reply to saxondaisy

Thank you Saxondaisy. I am now on the long road to recovery, and feeling quite tired most of the time. Early days, so not too concerned! I hoe your husband has now made a full recovery.


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