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Can’t get my head around what happen so quickly

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Not sure where to start so this could end up very random, a few days ago I was told I have suffered a HA, after further tests I am now waiting to have open heart surgery next week, I am sure like many off you I never saw this coming but as I look back and ask a million and one questions, what I thought was a major case of indigestion could very well have been a heart attack, why didn’t I just go to the doctors or phoned 999, was I just a typical bloke always putting my health over other not so important things but at the time they were all that mattered, hindsight is fantastic,

I have read many posts as to the journey ahead will be, and I do feel without your insight I would be in a worse place than I am so thank you,

The questions are endless and I sure now I have joined this forum I will find many answers,

Many thanks


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Hi Peter, firstly, welcome to the forum. Secondly, I am sorry to hear about your HA, must be such a shock. As and when you have questions, ask away. As you have seen by reading the posts, between us we have a lot of experience of heart conditions, surgery, recovery etc so I am sure we can help you through this - you are not alone 🙂


Thank you Wendy

I know what you mean about hindsight Peter - I was in a similar position last April when for a number of weeks because of what I considered were other priorities I put off visiting GP with what I thought were heartburn / indigestion symptoms. Some of it may have been a 'bloke thing' but it can be very confusing as many others have testified. All the best for next week - it's a daunting experience but you are in good hands and I am sure all will be well. Keep us informed. Rest when you can - you will be joining a rehab group within a couple of months.

Your story can be told 100's of times but that won't make you feel better. I just hope that by being open about it someone might save themselves the pain and suffering. My husband was one just like you but it was 30 years ago and he is still going at almost 80 though not in good health. So keep telling people your story.

Be as fit as you can pre will recover more quickly.

Good luck &speedy recovery 💕

All the best Peter. I had Angina for weeks and even cancelled a GP appt my girlfriend made for me - I insisted it was muscle pain. The appt I cancelled was on a Friday - by Sunday I was laid up in hospital in Atlanta realising how stupid I’d been. Now beating myself up for having a poor diet for too long. I’m sure there’s too many of us who delayed being seen by the right people.

You are extremely lucky to get treatment so quickly, my husband has been in intensive care for 5 weeks waiting for heart surgery and still the Drs can't pull their fingers out and do something, leading hospital total incompetence.

Good luck with your op.


I have some idea of how you are feeling right now; the same thing happened to me. This past August, I went into the hospital expecting to have a back operation, only to be told that severe stenosis of the aortic valve was discovered, and urgent open heart surgery was recommended. I was thunderstruck; there is a lot of heart disease history in my family, but since I made it to 64 without having a heart attack or any blockages, I thought I was spared the family curse. Suddenly having to face a major heart operation quite frankly scared the daylights out of me . I went through with the operation, and I am doing well now. Recovery was long and hard, but not Insurmountable. I wish you all the best; please continue to post here so we can give you all the support we can

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