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AF /heart failure. I was "accidentally" diagnosed during a preop about 18 months ago. (I'd complained of shortness of breath and other things previously)Both atria affected. To cut the story, I've only been on a blood thinner since, not seen my doctor for 3months and only very recently become aware that it's termed heart failiure and learned that treatment usually involves ace inhibitors and beta-blockers. Recently been suffering very much with swollen feet and pressure in the neck( but very difficult to get a normal appointment at my surgery under present arrangements. Shouldn't I have been offered these medications?

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I would say you need to see your GP urgently. Go in as an emergency and just wait OR go to A&E and they'll check you out there. It's not worth taking any risks. I was also given a diuretic medication to remove fluid, e.g. furosemide. But it's the medics who should prescribe as each case is different. Good luck.

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