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heart failure medication - entresto


Hi everyone , I don't usualy post any comments although I do read the posts of other people- I would like to share my experience with you .

I suffered 2 heart attacks 5 years ago and spent 8 days in hospital then had 4 stents and a ballon inserted successfully , unfortunately last year I developed severe heart failure with a refraction rate of 30% after more investigation and more scans etc I was put on a starter dose of Entresto medication gradualy increased to max dose - I have found this medication wonderfull for my condition - I know that it is a fairly new med but for me it has been a life changer, I know I will be on this for the rest of my life - but now I feel as if my life has been given back to me and quality has been renewed - so my message is that there is always light at the end of the darkest tunnel and new and more effective medicatios are just around the corner - so try to be possitive even when you are in a dark place ,

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Positive experiences always make me feel more optimistic about the future. Thanks for sharing.

Kristin1812Heart Star

Really heartwarming to read a ‘good news’ story like this. Good on you, posting it!

So good to hear positive results and thanks for sharing. I’m on middle dose of Entresto and am hoping for good results.

I hope your response to this medication is as helpfull to you as it has been for me, i really think it is the very best available all the very best for 2019 on your new med

Ashleigh_BHFBHF Nurse

Hi harryhallam5

Thanks for sharing your story, it's really helpful for us all to read a positive story! Sounds like your heart failure is well managed and great to hear you're feeling better on Entresto!


thank you

Just back from seeing Het Failure Nurse, she has started me on Entresto from Thursday Night need to get the Canardesartan out of the system first. This follows a few hours overnight in Hospital with multiple Ectopic Beats 1 Ectopic for every 1 Heart Beat and Low pulse 30s. I have to keep on with all other meds Bisoprolol 10mg Furosemide 20mg Eplerenone 25mg Clopidogrel 75mg, Aspirin, 75mg Pravastatin, 10mg, Isosorbide Mono nitrate 40mg I am hoping if the Entresto works OK I will be able to dump some of the other Meds


I hope that Entresto is good for you, if you have the same results as myself you are sure to be pleased, it will be a while before you are on the ultimate dosage, so the very best of luck with it take care H Hallam

Thanks Harry

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