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Happy New Year to you all! Hoping for a fabulous 2019

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Hi All

Happy New Year to all my fellow Hearties. I havent been on the forum for a little while and for those who have read my previous posts will know, there were some set backs in 2018 for me.

Having had a CRT D device back in September 2017, i had a lead fall out in February 2018, having a further op to fix the lead back in, in March very quickly fell out again 2 weeks later. Having investigated all my options, and getting a highly emminent surgeon on board, we decided to go for a third attempt, and so my third op in 12 months took place in August 2018. My surgeons were non other than Dr Betts and Dr Gamble, which has always made me chuckle. And they were great, as they kept trying for 6 hours to get that pesky lead in ( I apparently have a funny shaped heart) and they did it!!!!

It has taken me longer to recover this time, but recover I have, and now with 2018 over, but with a fabulous final outcome, (the lead is in 5 months later yippeee) I now look forward to 2019 and having fun!

I was asked to contribute to an article about getting out and socialising for BHF, to help others realise that life doesnt have to stop with our diagnosis, and although yes life changes, it can also lead to discovering new and fun things to do, and how we can move forward with our new life. I am delighted to say that the article is in this month's Heart Matters magazine. And the photo shoot took place just 5 weeks after my op, and although I was still in pain at this point, to get out and have a laugh certainly helped me to get through it. The link is below,


So as some of you may remember I had booked a cruise for 2018, which I had then had to cancel, so I am now going for it, for 2019, as I need a holiday!!! and cant wait to book one for 2019, as well as other weekends away.

I have also had agreed with my company, that I will go down to a 4 day week, so I can focus more on my social life and having ME time.

So all in all, its been a challenging, scary but ultimately a great positive ending to 2018 (but boy am I glad its over !) so here's to 2019, having fun, and the new electronically powered me.

As some of you know I have named my device each time, so just to let you all know, the name I have given my third (and last!) device, is Frankie, (short for Frankenstein) as I am now powered by volts. It can also be a male or female name... of course when all is well its Frankie the female, and when Frankie is playing up or giving me any problems, its Male Frankie. Ha ha ha,

So now onwards and upwards, and having had a wonky heart and heart failure for 24 years, and now planning the next 24 years. Lots of love Karen x

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Hi Karen. Great to hear from you again. Yes I read your article. You are inspirational and amazing to see how you embrace positivity. Hope 2019 is fun and fab for you. Cheers πŸ₯‚ Zena xx

Aw thanks Zena... but as they say... when there is no plan B..just get out there and enjoy plan A

Last night at a friend's house I was laughing so much I nearly wet myself ( ha ha that's another affliction I have ..laugh till I wee πŸ˜‚) but genuinely what a nice way to end a challenging year.

I love this site as you all have been massively inspirational, supportive and made me feel part of a community, which has been so important to me over this journey... and has kept me sane through it all. So thank you to all from me and Frankie 😁 xx

Lol.. I have turned into a lion again ??? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Happy New Year and great to hear your feeling more positive and much better than last year.

Enjoy your cruise you do deserve it.

Love Fran

Happy new year, Karen! The magazine with your article in it appeared through my letterbox last week. Great article and you looked fabulous! Can't believe the photos were taken so soon after your op. Hope you and Frankie have a fabulous 2019. Lots of love xxx

Great to hear from you Karen and hear that you have turned the corner to good health. We too had to cancel trips in 2017 ahead of my AVR, but we have made up for it in 2018. Best of luck for the future. Margaret x

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Thank you Margaret. I am certainly planning lots of trips this year, I sadly missed my mum & stepfathers 50th Anniversary celebrations last year so I am planning a trip up north soon to catch up with them :-) and planning short breaks for May, June, July and August! 2019 is my fun year, the first of many I am sure xx Glad to hear you made up for any lost time in 2018 and here's to more fun and holidays for you in 2019 too! x

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