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I have just taken my blood pressure five times.

133/92 was the highest; 115/71 was the lowest.

Last week, whilst waiting at my GP”s I did the same and had similar results.

Assuming all are accurate what’s the point in measuring?

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I don't think you can assume "all are accurate". There'll be some variation on any test machine, a small amount with an expensive professional machine, a larger amount with a cheaper machine.

Secondly, you'd expect some variation in your actual scores because your blood pressure is constantly fluctuating.

The range you report seems a touch on the high side to me, but not ridiculously so. Doctors often talk about "white coat blood pressure", meaning a patient's anxiety levels and blood pressure tend to rise in the presence of a doctor's white coat!

blood pressure does vary through out the day and night, your bottom reading is a bit high but nothing really to bother about.

sometimes it is best to do it 3 times in succession relaxing as much as possible then take the best reading.

also b.p is important if it is too high it can damage the heart as i have found out and also too high can be dangerous and lead to heart attacks and strokes, it is also known as the silent killer.

Accuracy is something of a variable and will depend on your equipment. That said, your BP will naturally vary. If you want to take multiple consecutive readings, make sure you are fully relaxed before you start (don’t take the first after you have walked up the stairs for example). Try to ensure you are in a ‘steady state’ before you take the first one. Some variability is natural but to get a truer picture the readings need to be taken under similar conditions.

Hypertension nurse at my surgery alway takes best of three readings. I was told should be under 140/80 I think that it varies by age and fitness .

Maybe take the reading at the same time each day to make comparisons, rather than several times each day? Mine does swing about a bit during the day.

I use a Microlife Watch Office device that takes pressures in both arms simultaneously. Also takes 3 consecutive readings then averages them. Also can take ABI, pulse pressure and mean arterial pressure.

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