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Post Op AF

My partner has developed AF after having an aortic mechanical valve replacement. He is tired all the time & barely functioning. They are due to shock his heart next week. It took 6 months from when he was first diagnosed to the op so his heart was functioning at 25% at the time of the op and his left ventrical was very enlarged. Is AF a normal thing to happen?

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Hello, my husband has Dilated Cardiomyopathy so his left ventricle is enlarged, quite significantly in his case, and his ejection fraction is around 25%. He had AVR surgery in Jan2018, using a mechanical valve. From memory about 25% of patients have AF after this surgery. He was treated with Amiodarone, starting with an injection followed by a drip for the next 24 hours, with continuous monitoring. He had to have 3 treatment cycles then DC Cardioversion which was successful. He was then prescribed Amiodarone tablets, on a reducing dose for 8 weeks. He hasn’t had any recurrence and we’re almost a year on now. Hope all goes well for your husband and for you too, and that the New Year brings lots of good things.


Thank you for answering. I guess we were expecting him to recover quicker, it’s been a long year. I guess patience is all that is needed at this point. Thank you and take care


I've just had a cardioversion and wasn't sure if I'd done the right thing. I was very worried but in theatre knew Drs nurses and anaesthetists were good and settled down woke up in recovery room and since then I've felt a lot better. It's nothing to worry about. Af is caused by a cell next to left ventricle apparently. Good luck.


Thank you


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