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Post Op meeting with Surgeon


Hi Heart Chums, I've got my 6 week (which is actually 8 weeks) post op appointment with my surgeon next week. I didn't actually see him in hospital but his registrar told my husband my mitral valve repair went very well - that's as much as I know. I have a list of questions obviously relating to me (I had post op complications, pericardial effusion and lung effusion), but would be interested to know from others experiences if there's anything I should ask as I'm sure I'll have 10 minutes to grill him before I never see him again. I'm also interested to know what to expect about post op check ups, should I expect an echo annually for example?

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Hi Shopgirl,

Good luck with you post op appointment, I’m sure you will get some answers from others who had their ops before you. If I were you I’d keep pencil and paper near and whenever you think of something to ask the surgeon write it down, then you will be as best prepared to use your time with him/her productively.

All the best,

Dory x❤️💕❣️

Shopgirl in reply to Ethel13

Thanks Dory, my life revolves around lists at the moment, (especially post op as I had no memory) so I've always got a pencil and note book at hand! Must make sure the right point to remember goes on the right list! Julia x

Ethel13 in reply to Shopgirl

Oh dear, you sound like me Julia, bad enough before my op goodness knows what I will be like afterwards!

Onwards and upwards.

Dory x❤️💕❣️

I have my 6 week check friday- I am cureeenty 15 weeks post op and that was only after begging the sectary on Tuesday.

Shopgirl in reply to Midgeymoo17

Sorry to hear about they delay and hope all goes well tomorrow.

Hi there,

Good luck tomorrow.i hope you are feeling better now.

I had my 6 week check 2 weeks ago and never saw the surgeon i saw a specialist nurse

I had an ecg and blood pressure will get checked over and yes you will get a yearly echo.i am having 3 monthly echo's but i have mechanical mitral valve and on wafarin.

Just ask what you think is right for you.if you have pain tell them,i still hurt 8 weeks on.i found the nurse very helpful so i hope you find it the same.

Wishing you all the best tomorrow

Jenny x

I had mitral valve repair in 2015 and my 1 year follow up appointment was with my local hospital, not where the surgery was done ,I was discharged and told to have repeat echo in 5 years.I often wonder if this is correct advice after reading others getting an annual echo

Oh yes.i think i would be asking for an annual one

My mitral valve within a year had gone from moderate to very severely stenosed and had a replacement.i maybe would have been able to have a repair if had been looked at sooner as i did say i was not well.i would not feel happy waiting 5 years

Shopgirl in reply to John-Butler

I would ask your doctors advice as 5 years does seem a long time to wait.


My post op appointment was ten weeks post aortic valve replacement. At my appointment I had a chest xray, ecg, BP and weight. I saw a registrar who I had met once before. The registrar went to ask the consultant for advice regarding my INR target. The consultant came in to see me briefly. Both were happy to answer questions. My follow up is now with the referring cardiologist who I am actually seeing on Monday. You have reminded me I must write my list of questions....

Good luck with your appointment

Shopgirl in reply to Mary_Janet

Thanks Mary_Janet, that sounds like what I was expecting. Interesting you mention INR target as mine hasn't reached my 2.5 target yet! So that's going on my list of questions. Julia

Mary_Janet in reply to Shopgirl

I am only just reaching my target, still on fortnightly bloods. Apparently it can take quite a bit of time until we stabilise.

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