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happy xmas and a HEALTHY new year

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Well 2018 was a health disaster for me,it actually started 2017 xmas day I had food poisoning ,then all ok untill I had a heart attack in Feb,pain in both arms -no chest pain whatsoever ,so ladies beware as this is sometimes the case with us females and occasionally men.Anway had one stent fitted, and have been more or less fine right up to May/June when I was on holiday in Spain /France and on our return up through France(we are caravanners) I was taken seriously ill with kidney stones /infection and Sepsis.I was within an inch of death,but eventually after 3 weeks in a French hospital I was well enough to continue our journey home.So I thank god and the doctors and nurses who cared for me, for my good health now and just hope that I go from strength to strength and I wish you all the same for 2019 and beyond .Happy xmas friends xxx

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Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very happy new year!

we thank God and the professionals who took care of you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019. Be safe and healthy.

You might wanna think of starting vitamins or supplements ;)

Aww bless you really hope that 2019 is a better year for you. I wish you continued good health and also to everyone else on this site !!


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