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a bit extreme

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i did have my H A on the 13/10/18 had an angioplasty and 1 sten my recovery is good i walk do some home trainer around 45 minutes a day

my blood presure and pulse are well control

and go to physio rehab

i went this morning for one seance of physio just when i arrive there i realize that i forget my morning tablets tald the nurse said it is better not to do it

is that not too extreme and that bring some fustration and doute about my rea condition

i normaly take the morning 1 ASPIRINE 75MG BISOPROPOL 1.25 PAMPRIL 10MG TRICALOR 90

any suggestion

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No! If anything is out of range such as BP, pulse or BG (blood glucose) rehab groups will not exercise people. Knowing that you had not taken your meds is much the same scenario. In today's world of sue someone even if it's your fault they cannot take the risk of exercising someone if there are any doubts.

I think Michael makes a good point. In particular bisoprolol strengthens and lowers the heart rate and omitting to take a dose before exercise could be unwise. If you have a GTN spray it is essential that you also have it with you while exercising


You are only 2 month post HA and as you say ... "my blood pressure and pulse are well controlled" .... but bear in mind that both are probably dependent on the drugs you take!

Michael and Nathan (the other one!) are spot on - you really should not expect to safely do rehab without taking your medication. At Harefield this was the first question at the rehab class - "everyone taken their meds?". Anyone not taken them were excluded for their own safety

It is 'extreme' but its for your own protection!

All the best as you work through rehab.

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