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How my AVR is going so far (day 5)

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Ok, spoke too soon! Tempted fate etc. Woke up this morning with a spiking temperature again and so am being kept in for another 24 hours. Having said that, everything else still appears to be looking good and so am hoping it will just be that. But do need a period of temperature normality. And while frustrating I'd rather get this sorted now than get home and then end up back in hospital, either back here or local, in short order. So fingers still crossed x

6 Replies
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Frustrating but you are absolutely right.

Be patient and enjoy the view!

Will keep my fingers crossed for you.


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MichaelJHHeart Star

Sorry to hear your news but nearly everyone has the odd glitch. It is best to be clear before discharge. Both friends and myself have experienced premature discharge follow by a quick return to A&E. My late mother would have given you chicken soup!

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Nic25 in reply to MichaelJH

Thank you Michael. That's great. Really helpful. Yes having chicken soup for lunch! Nic

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Hi Nic

Your in the best place and the best hands for your situation so it doesn’t matter whether it’s 5 days or 10 days so long as they get you in the best shape to go home

It will settle down do everything your told stay positive which it sounds like you are keep your aspirations and goals for now quite low for the first couple of weeks ( I’m not being negative just honest) the real gains start in week 3 or 4 onwards , that was my experience. If you haven’t got a “ V “ shaped pillow for when you get home get one it wraps around your body stopping you moving from side to side causing pain in your sleep and waking you up prop up with normal pillows then “V” pillow on top it really helps you get a few hours sleep .

Good luck your in my thoughts and we are all rooting for you Nic

Pete x

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Nic25 in reply to Ticktock61

Thanks Pete. Yes that's great to know. Appreciated, and I want honesty. I have a maternity "wedge" pillow for the journey back, especially between wound and seatbelt. But I'm also hoping it may provide some support to allow me eventually to venture on to my side at night. Then I bought another one online without checking the dimensions and it was massive. But in fact I think it will work as equivalent to the raise on a hospital bed. Then possibly overkill we have a beanbag-type thing with arms and back that we reckon/hope may work on either the bed or extra support on a sofa (important for those Christmas films). So hopefully all bases covered! Nic x

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Nic25

As you have had some fluid retention a footrest to elevate your legs if you have to share the sofa would be beneficial.

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