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Aortic dissection

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Hi writing as hubby had aortic dissection last week.hes doing well in hospital and I've researched what he s had So know about that.just would like to hear from others or their family as to what can expect and if hopefully get back to fitness eventually.

I'm not stupid I know a long road ahead but read so many things on internet become confused so I'd like to hear direct from people affected or partners etc .

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Hello, I was interested to hear about your husband’s aortic dissection as I wrote about my experience in the summer and only had a couple of replies as it seems to be quite rare. I hope he is making good progress now. My dissection was in the thoracic aorta close to the aortic valve and was repaired with a graft in early July during a 7 hour operation. I was in an induced coma for a further 24 hours and ICU for 4 days . After 4 days on the ward I was discharged home in the care of my family. I am a fit 79 year old and I have made an amazing recovery, being almost back to normal now and enjoying life. I walk a great deal but find swimming painful as I can only do the breast stroke . My sternum is still a bit sore and I don’t feel very comfortable when I have to reverse the car but these are only small problems. I have since heard from the surgeon that the aneurysm was caused by an infection probably the viral pericarditis which I suffered in March. I take Bisoprolol and Ramipril, aspirin and Simvastatin daily and am due to have a CT scan in the New Year but I am looking forward to celebrating my 80th birthday in January. I was told that I should have died last March so I’m determined to make the most of my life now. I hope that your husband will recover as well as I have done and send my best wishes for Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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Thanku I'm so pleased you're doing so well and as you say so rare .my husband is back in our local hospital .he's been home since Fri and was making progress Sat but ystd seemed to go downhill s bit and basically had urine and chest inf x so He s in 48hrs to clear .

He always said they let him out too soon .he was Fri eve op as you induced coma .on ward and out Fri eve.

Anyway I'm so positive from your reply .thanku

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So sorry to hear hubby is back in hospital but hope he’s responding to treatment for the infections. My family were worried that I had been discharged soon and I was given very little information about the future except for protecting my sternum for 6/8 weeks. I took myself off to see the GPwho was very matter of fact about it all and although I progressed very well I did have times when I was very concerned and did a lot of Googling about the condition. It is a very worrying time for you both and I didn’t intend to make light of a serious condition. Try to keep positive and hopefully he’ll be back home with you soon.

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Thanks his was also a thoracic aorta.

Until this week I didn't know there were 2 types the thoracic and abdominal one which he s been monitored for 2 yrs.

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I had a SCAD spontaneous coronary artery disection I don't know if this is a similar thing one of my arteries unraveled causing me to have a heart attack

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