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Hospital Today AVR Tomorrow


Well the day has come the bag is packed the freezer is full the letters have been written the Christmas presents bought and wrapped....the last few days have been difficult to say the least but its here now and I just have to get on with it, thanks for all your hints tips and support....Im off to face my Bush Tucker Trial at Hellish Hospital (for all you people watching Jungle that is the trial tonight!!) Be back soon to let you all know how it goes.

Denise xx

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Hi Denise never chatted to anyone on here before but just caught your post/your great sense of humour! Good luck on your BTT I expect you to bring back all the STARS!

Oh and 'you'll smash it' ;-)

Hi Denise all the very best to you. As mezle says you’ll smash it. Keep your sense of humour. I find it lowers stress levels. See you on the flip side kiddo❤️shiona

Very best wishes Denise - let us know how you are when you can xx

All the best Denise and keep us updated on your progress.

Joan x

Hi Denise

Good luck for tomorrow your in great hands and your going to be fine.

You’ll have a fantastic Christmas and out of everybody there YOU will have been given the best present of all ...... A new Valve and a new life !!!

Take care and keep positive that sense of humour will get you through trust me

Pete xx

DenHump in reply to Ticktock61

Thanks Guys....I hope I come out looking like Holly Willoughby.....but think I will look more like Anne Heggarty :)

All the best for your op. Make the most of being looked after this Christmas and hope you have a good one. Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Wendy xx

Wishing you well, Denise.

By the time you read this, it should all be over. And soon you'll be being encouraged to do the 'corridor shuffle' to get you mobile. Your taste buds will probably be trashed for a while so hospital food will taste no different from anything else. But the good news is the brand new aortic valve. You will have to wait a while to feel the benefits - you have to feel worse before you feel better. But that's a good deal, all things being considered.

Here's wishing you a speedy and largely pain free recovery.

Best of luck Denise

All the best Denise, thinking of you my lovely X Rie

Best of luck! And a speedy Christmas recovery 😊

Hi all, This is Brin, Husband of Denise.

Thought I would give you an update.

She went down for surgery at 08:00 this morning, I saw her in intensive care at mid-day, she looked well but had not been woken yet, that will happen around 4pm today.

They said the surgery went well.

More when she wakes.



Hi Denise , all the best having mine on Friday I will follow your post with interest x

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