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Christmas is Coming

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Christmas is now just over two weeks away. As the country now virtually shuts down for a fortnight now is a good time to check your medication stock. Because of the vast array of medication and strengths pharmacists now keep minimal stocks of all bar the most popular. Last year my pharmacist had a few problems with deliveries because of drivers throwing sickies and some bad weather. So be prepared and make sure you have enough to take you into next year!

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I'm a newbie to all this medication lark, so thanks for that excellent advice!

Thanks Michael, I have already made a note to order medication early, but this is the first year I am to do this and it does concern me somewhat. x

Shortness of stock is already happening, went to pick up my monthly prescription from Boots on Friday and was told that my Lofepramine that I take for my depression was out of stock (the problem is with the suppliers), lucky enough because of problems in the past I made sure that I have a standby quantity for emergencies, hopefully I will have enough to carry me through the xmas period, I have been asked to contact the pharmacy next week to see if the stock shortage has been resolved otherwise may have to check with my Doctor whether or not I will have to change my meds which I am not looking forward to

I’ve been having my meds delivered for the last 6 months. They’ve already notified me when to put my prescription in for over the holidays. I find it much easier , remembering isn’t my forte so it’s great to get a nudge

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