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Potassium and tachycardia back to square one (part 2)

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i did a post on here regarding tachycardia warnings well this is part 2

after suffering complications in hospital which resulted in very low potassium it would seem that i am back to square one.

basically during the episode along with tachycardia my my blood pressure was also all over the place and a request was made by my surgical team for cardiology to get involved although i wasn't seen it would seam that information by the general medical team was sent through and i have now found out that i have to go back for yet another echocardiogram my last one was only a few months ago and apart from some findings was fine.

after suffering with the potassium issues i am worried now as to what damage it has done.

i have since monitored my B.P and from fairly unstable readings this is now beginning to settle down with good ranges including the sitting and standing test and the tachycardia issues also seem to be fairly good.

i have also had the potassium blood test which has also come back in what they describe as not so bad.

the problem with this is that the potassium levels can still go down or even too high so it is a very tricky situation to be in.

i am trying to not panic but with so many teams now involved in my care it can be very overwhelming to say the least.

once i have had the scan done i will get back with updates for now please god let this be okay for once.

please if you are reading this and are getting what seem like very strange symptoms like the above then do make sure to get them checked asap, i was one of the lucky ones where it was caught in time.


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