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Pericarditis diagnosed 10 weeks ago/now don't know what it is?


I was diagnosed with Acute Pericarditis 10 weeks ago however after 8 weeks of treatment colchicine, ibuprofen, co-codamol my symptoms were getting worse.

At the moment my cardiologist doesn't know what it is but he's pretty sure its not pericarditis. As such I'm having other tests however these take time. Im not at work, not on any pain relief & frankly feel no further forward than when I was taken to A&E 10 weeks ago.

Symptoms - pain/spasms over heart, spreading to shoulder down left arm, distended neck veins (throughout the day), fatigue, worse when i lie down (leaning forward doesn't change the pain). Generally feeling unwell.

Extra symptoms the last couple of days funny taste in mouth occasionally, tummy bloating (despite loosing some weight) also having clammy hands (happened a few times last night/this morning).

I've contacted Cardiologist secretary this morning via email chasing appointments but I just wondered if anyone has every experienced similar?

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Have you had an operation recently? After I had my ICD fitted I came down with Dressler’s syndrome. It is similar to pericarditis but I was treated with steroids which helped clear it up. Your cardiologist would be the best to help. Good luck.

Mezle in reply to Hawdanoost

Hi Hawdanoost no operation. Just had a headache for over a month leading up to chest pain & neck vein distended randomly while brushing my teeth. First time ever. Had it for 10 weeks now. Happens worse at night. Starts at rest. Worse if I do anything. ECG now showing extra heartbeat (not there on previous one) X-ray clear. Just waiting on 24hr ECG now next week & CT scan with dye appointment which I’ve not had through yet. So 8 weeks of tablets now pointless & on nothing in the meantime. Pains shocking. No cardiologist appointment until all the tests done. Hanging in there but with no relief. A&E visits occur to me daily but I was told 10 weeks ago it’s not life threatening but I’m now no further forward than that day in A&E. Wish these tests were quicker x

Mezle in reply to Mezle

I don’t go to a&e daily. Just on the brink of going because of the pain. But I have a word with myself & just ride each one out (happens an awful lot throughout the day/night)

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