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Overcoming high blood pressure


I have been diagnosed with hypertension in 2013 in Poland and put on tablets however I live in the UK and my doctor here did not want to hear that this was needed. I guess I had some stress in my life in that time. The Polish doctor prescribed me the blood pressure tablets called Lorista or Losartan, a very low dose. Over the last 5 years I was on that tables. I monitor my blood pressure regularly and I always have perfect results 80/120. I visit my Polish doctor twice a year and always ask him if there are any possibilities to stop the tablets. Is anything I could do to stop the tables? I told him that I feel really good and healthy. He said I should still take it and did not suggest any alternative way. I then went to visit a different doctor in my surgery in the UK when I regularly do blood test etc. I mentioned that since 2017 I run and exercise regularly (I run 500 km over last 2 years). After reviewing my blood pressure results he confirmed to that I can stop taking the tables straight away. So since April 2018 I do not take Lorista any more and I feel ok, I am very active and 80% of my diet based on plant. This year my goal was to run a minimum 5 km in every single run. I also did 10km street/city run last year and this year. I read books about hypertension and Educated myself on this topic. I hope I did the right thing.

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Well done. Coming of medication is a fantastic feeling. I was on and off bp tablets for 10 years after HA no longer needed them. A plant based diet will have definately helped you. Keep up the good work, its great to hear a positive outcome 😁👍. If you have a moment, i was recomended that i watch Fork over knive on netflix. Definately worth a watch and highlights how a plant based diet has an positve affect on the body.

You could set yourself a goal and run one of BHF 2k, 10k or half marathons, they are on in various locations throughout the uk and at the same time raise money for a good course. Check out Events on the BHF website. Good luck.

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Thank you for your supportive comments and the movie recommendations👍 I also highly recommend the book by Dr Michael Greger MD who is one of the experts on this topic.

I am preparing myself to a longer run but at the moment I am happy with 10k maximum. I will definitely support BHF on my next city run In 2019 👍

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Thank you i will make a note. I registered to become a volunteer for the BHF. I help out at one these events and found it to be one of yhd most rewarding things i ever did. i dont think i stopped smiling all day. Very emotional watching and cheering everyone over the finish line and presenting medals. I recommend becoming a volunteer even if its just holding a collection bucket at a supermarket once a year, its good to give back and raise money for more pioneering research. Good luck

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Definitely. It's worth helping others. I was a volunteer for different organization couple of years ago so maybe it is good idea to become a volunteer again. Good luck too and thank you for your ideas!

You are absolutely right in your approach !

Fantastic! Well done!

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