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Anyone help with a query


hi everyone, this is me just started on this forum.

Where do I start well I was dignosed with breast cancer about 8 weeks ago i have had 2 operations and just came out of hospital yesterday after 8 days with an infection, an while leaving the hospital a doctor was discharging me said that she came across while having a scan on my lungs detected a heart problem through that scan, this was the first that I was told this. I was quite destressed with trying to get home to hearing this, I said that Im going home and I will come back as an outpatient, she asked me to wait till she found out a bit more which I did, when she came back she said some big words I asked her to explain what it ment and she said in was an inlargement of value/artery, be honest im not sure which one of these it is, and I could come back as an outpatient as its not urgent.

Does anyone know what this would be , cause there was so much going on at that minute that I don,t remember.

Thanks in advance.

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An artery or a valve in your heart is bigger than expected. Lots of things can cause that but it is now under investigation. It might not be a big problem.

This is a nervous time for everybody. We have all been through it. Look at it this way: if you have a problem it has been caught before it became too serious. Try to relax.

Your doctor will have the results of any tests, scans, etc. You could go and discuss your situation with them.

Good Luck with your recovery from cancer and for when you go back to out-patients!

Some hidden problems are identified by MRI scan, it is good that a problem has been found. you need to ask your GP to follow this and may another MRI scan to verify the problem with full explanation not just a passing comment.

Enlargement of artery or valve, you need full explanation that you can understand.

Enlargement of an artery could be an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

They should have written to your doctor, so ask your GP.

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