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Rapidly progressing coronary disease

So, this is what i have been diagnosed with after a previous stent and now CABG. FRom what i have read it doesn't paint a healthy picture for me. Wondered if anyone else has had this particular diagnosis. All the odds of a 10-15 year life span seem to have gone out of the window. If anyone has been told they have this and what to expect or if you have read a published report I would be keen to know. Not looking for tea and sympathy - just some clear facts

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hello Barnie, I had a CABG x 3 seven yrs ago.2 months ago I had a pacemaker implanted with 2 leads for Sinus bradycardia.had my 30-day check-up its working %100.

meaning its always working.5 days ago I had 2 stents inserted in Tel Aviv.

I am 66.5 and live life to the fullest. I walk twice a day 4 clicks each time and feel ok.

it always helps for my depression. cheers


Officially, I have 5 blocked arteries, 4 of which have been bypassed in 1997. I had a mini-stroke at Christmas. Since March I have been following a WFPB (whole food plant based) diet after watching the film "Forks Over Knives". My weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse have come down to "normal" levels (80kg, 100/60, 2.7, 60bpm), sometimes lower, such that my doctor has been reducing my medication. She has taken me off the statin because I was getting a lot of side effects as well as my cholesterol coming down. I am convinced that my arteries are clearing but I have no proof of that except for blood pressure, cholesterol and pulse. If my arteries were still blocked these would be still raised.


Hi Jimmy,

Did the arteries that were bypassed (ie the grafts) re-block?


I don't know. I would need a Angiogram to find out but they don't do these for fun. I hope the diet has cleared them.


You have not put any dates on your stents and bypass. Sometimes stents can have a relatively short life because either the patient does not make sufficient lifestyle changes or had restenosis where the body's own defence system rejects and blocks the stent. I know someone twenty years post-stents and a colleague's father is forty years post bypass.

In your case it sounds like you need to be fairly aggressive on your lifestyle changes and follow the prescribed medication (I have encountered individuals who take breaks from medication treating it as a form of detoxification). Good luck!



Non smoker, low fat , non drinker, sportsman. The CABG done 3mths after stents.


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