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Recent diagnosis of AF


Hi all

After 18 months of erratic beats & following an emergency admission to hospital last week, I’ve been diagnosed with paroxysmal AF. I’ve been seeing a cardiologist for the last year & been told my symptoms were nothing serious & go away & get on with my life. To be honest I felt I wasn’t being taken seriously, but thankfully my latest episode resulted in hospital admission & following numerous tests, I was given this diagnosis. I’m now taking Rivaroxaban & Fleicanide. Im 68 years old & always in good health, this has come as a huge shock & I’m really struggling to get my head round it all. Does anyone have any advice they can give?



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Hi Jen, check out the AF Association forum which is also on this site. There’s a bunch of us there who know exactly how you feel who can answer questions and offer support.

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