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Holter Monitor This Afternoon


Having a 24 hour Holter Monitor this afternoon just checking what's going on after the stents in March. My last one read like this.

Normal Sinus Rhythm, Heart Rate ranging between 52 and 118 bpm.

Ventricular Ectopics accounting for 8.1% of total readings with Atrial Ectopics being 3.4 % of overall recording. I had no sustained arrhythmias which I believe was good news !! ( I wonder if 11.5 % is over 24 hrs ) ?

So another trip to the Hospital for a check. Ectopics are worse after having something to eat, I think that's because some blood is required to digest the food, but I am going to carry on eating and going to put up with the Ectopics

regards Frank W

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello Frank, I just wanted to query something about when you eat rather than what you eat. Are you basically having three meals a day? A friend with a hiatus hernia has found he gets less issues by having six small meals a day rather than three larger ones. It could be worth a try if you are not doing so already. Cheers, Michael...

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