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Hole in heart

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A few months ago my son (11 years old) started to feel unwell and was having heart palpitations regularly and fainted a few times. He’s passed out on a few rides before even though he loves them. The school called me one day as they were concerned as he passed out during PE so I took him straight to the doctors. They did blood tests and an ECG. Was told there was a flutter on the ECG so they refereed him to the hospital. ECG at the hospital came back fine and they did an ultrasound scan where they found a small hole. The consultant said they would note it in his medical notes but there was nothing to worry about because his heart was healthy otherwise. She said he wouldn’t be able to do certain things in life like deep sea diving and that i would get told more about it at his next appointment. He’s had a 48 heart monitor which came back fine but borderline at one point but nothing to be concerned about. He's yet to have an excersise test. We went to his appointment today to see a different consultant and go through his results which were all normal. I asked a question about the hole they found in his heart and the consultant knew nothing about it! He said there was nothing about it in his notes and said “if” there was one theres nothing to worry about because 1 in 4 people are born with one and it doesn't effect them. What worry’s me is that my uncle was born with one and it didn’t cause any problems till he was 40 and he had a stroke and died which was caused by his heart condition. I know of people who have a hole and get seen regularly so wondering if I need to push this or if there really is nothing to worry about. I'm more annoyed that it isn't in his medical notes and i feel like it's being ignored. We’re going to Orlando next year and he wants to go on the rides but I know you can’t really go on rides with a heart condition so don’t want to risk anything. When I asked the consultant earlier if he could go on rides he said it was absolutely fine!!

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I would go with your idea of having him checked regularly. When you discuss this with your GP and/or specialists make sure that you make them aware of your uncle. Family history of medical conditions seems to get medical professionals moving.

I hope your son can recover from this. It must be very stressful for you. Try not to worry, it doesn't help. Are there any local support groups you can get in touch with? You could call the BHF Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311 and talk to a cardiac nurse about it.

Check this. I have had loads of ops as I was born with a hole in my heart.

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