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Caring bosses


Am 62 years old and had a 5 x bypass in April .Doing really well.I work in a cable factory on a really heavy machine.Had a letter last week thanking me for 21 years service.Went in today to say I'm ready to come back on a lighter job,time to put a young man on my machine.

They told me that as I worked pre op with angina and now my heart is clear they can only offer me my old job back,yet if someone says they have a sprain of some kind they give them light work.

Can't afford to retire,and too old to get another job.

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Hi, i have been very fortunate with my boss but i went back after my Bypass on reduced hours and built back up. You may feel ok but your body is still recovering from the major surgery so you are not fully fit yet. your chest is still healing and the muscle still weaker than they were previously give it time, i was told to go back and build my hours up again by my GP, so it may be worth talking to them about it. i am now 11 months post CABG and still get times when things seem heavier than before and get aches and pains in my chest as there is still healing and strengthening going on.

Good luck with it all i hope and pray you get there but it is a long road to full recovery. i was told by a friend who had the same op before me it took a year before his chest was feeling normal again and he hasn't been back to work at all.


Ravaging in reply to Charlie0007

Thanks Charlie wish I could win the lottery and finish work

Thats not particularly understanding of your management I have to say. You probably need a GPs letter to state light duties only. You have just had your chest cracked open and you will not be able to do heavy lifting jobs for some time. Recovering from the bypass bit is one thing, having your chest cracked is something else entirely.

I agree with the comments above. My understanding is that your employer has a legal duty of care towards you and must offer you lighter work, at least if you get a suitable doctor's letter. CAB will advise.

Your employer is in bad need of education - and compassion.


Hi and sorry to here about your problems at work, when I my heart condition was diagnosed, my cardiologist literally said I wouldn't be able to work again, 30 years I had been in my job, I live alone with a mortgage! it totally through me into a financial panic, I got paid sick for 6 months then 3 at half pay which was topped up by ESA benefit, my work then offered voluntary exit, which I had no option but to take, I took my pension as well, I was 59, I then applied for PIP which I have just recently been awarded, it took ages and was stressful but I got there, my financial situation is no where near as bad as I imagined, obviously I would still love to be healthy and working but it was not to be, there is help out there, the citizens advice, age uk and a lot of online forums are very helpful, take care and I hope you can get things sorted out char x

Hi your company should send you occupational health. I am returned work under light duties and I had triple bypass operation 5 months ago. I am plumber. Occupational health they really good and helpful they wrote report my company and they on my side you can ask them they have to Sent you occupational health.,so they can help you

I agree with all the comments above. Get a letter from consultant / GP. Contact CAB for advice. Also contact ACAS. Are you in a union? It's an awful situation to be in. I'm 57 and ready to give up work but cant financially. I'm currently off on the sick after surgery and dreading having to go back. But my employers are very good and understanding. Hope it all works out ok for you.

Got to agree previous posters. Go to see Occ Health yourself ,they should know the requiements for a safe gradual return to work. Contact your union/health and safety rep. They'll also know the regs and can support you.

Agree with everyone above. The bit extra I can suggest is that you're becoming a victim of disability discrimination. Get legal advice. It's possible that you might have legal cover through an insurance policy for house building or contents, or your car. CAB the other alternative.

Thanks for all your input guys.Went to see my manager yesterday,demanding to come back on light duties.

Told me because he doesn't know how disabled I am I have to see occ health doctor.I said bring it on.

He also said there were no light duties there as they are all full.

I explained need to get back to pay bills,he didn't seem to care.

Hidden can also take them to court for constructive dismissal. If they are forcing you to do a job you are not capable of doing, and by doing so your very life is at risk, which means you will have to leave your job, you have a very good case.

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