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Basingstoke and Alton rehab excellent


I have been browsing through various posts and there seems to be some criticism of some of the rehab services.

My experience has been with the Basingstoke and Alton rehab which has been excellent from a Couple of weeks post stent in February to the post rehab gym sessions I am still attending twice a week.

These sessions are well run, social and reasonably varied with a combination of exercises including cv and weights.

I would recommend continuing based on my expererince and others in the class have been coming for over 20 years.

If yours isnt working for you do try and find a group that does it has opened me up to a new group of like minded (and hearted) people.


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I agree the cardio rehab as west Suffolk hospital is brilliant I'm hoping after my 6 weeks there will be something similar to what your doing so I can carry on with my exercise with similar people

I’ve just finished mine with the Aylesbury rehab. I loved it, all the staff were very helpful and understanding. The only class they run outside the rehab group is on a Friday at 4pm and I have to work :( would really like to continue but can’t find anything else :(


Hi Ken

I absolutely concur they are more than fabulous. Have been there since only February but I cannot reccomend them highly enough

We have 6 weeks in Brighton which is free. Then we can go to further rehab up to 3 times a week. We have to pay but it's well worth it, especially if you pay monthly. I've been going for 18 months now and intend to keep going as it has certainly built up my strength. It may not be possible for some people depending on their employer but I've been lucky in being allowed (unpaid) time off to go. Of course if you are retired it's even easier.

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