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2nd degree AVB, type 1, Wenckebach

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I have been suffering from near fainting spells, ligheadness and dizzness for some time now along with a host of other symptoms.

My most recent 2 week monitor was done end of June and I just got a copy of my results but I wont be seeing the dr until Tuesday. The results showed PVCS, PACS, ventricular couplets and something new... The monitor was put on 6/19. On 6/23 strip says 2nd degree AVB, type 1, Wenckebach. 6/25 1st degree AVB and 6/27 1st degree AVB.

I have had many monitors in my time and PLENTY ekgs and none of them have ever showed this. Dr signed off on it and wrote, "sinus, PVCS, PACS 0 malignant arrhythmias". There is no mention of the AVB. She never called me to tell me there was anything wrong or of concern in my results but I am a little concerned.

It looks like I pushed the button for these recordings but where it says symptoms it says none indicated and so of course I dont recall what I was feeling at the time. I had to keep resetting the handheld phone because the symptoms log wasnt popping up. It had to have been me who made the recordings because it doesnt say "auto triggered" the machine did record on it's own more times then I can count but I don't see any of those recordings in the results so I'm guessing it was just artifact.

Any thoughts?

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Alot of people get wenkebach including myself. It's classed as a benign event in young, healthy people.

If you start blacking out with it though then they may look at treatment but if not, then they are usually fine to leave it well alone.

Its normally due to being fit and female!

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Thank you very much

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