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Post angiogram worries


I had an angiogram last tuesday. The results were good, thankfully. However, i am now concerned about the bruising that is spreading around the area and now down to my knee.

It is severe in the area of the incision, which is understandable. However, should i expect it to go down to my knee? It is only slight, but still, it is there.

Also, to the right of the incision, about two inches away, there is a lump the size of my thumb, which is seriously painful to the touch. I rang my surgery, but they wouldn't let me make an appointment and i have to ring in the morning and hope to get an appointment.

It's probably nothing, but, i want to know this is all expected. Anyone with any similar symptoms..?


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MichaelJHHeart Star

This is called a hematoma and can occur after many types of surgical procedures. Fortunately it is not very common. A doctor needs to look at it in case, for instance, there is seeping from the artery. If the GP practice will not see you tomorrow take yourself to minor injuries or A&E. A friend had this and it ended up with his wife taking him to A&E where they arranged a scan of the area. In his case no further treatment was needed but it took a while for the bruising to clear.

Thank you. I'll give the surgery a call again, first thing in the morning.

I'm not usually bothered by such things, however, the size of this bruise is worrying. And then there's the painful lump...

Appreciate your help, thank you.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to BiscuitsBrown

I developed a bruise after a similar procedure but it was only a couple of inches across. Yours indicates quite a leak of blood - how long did you bed rest after?

I rested for at most 2 hours. At most. I've taken it easy generally, but, have been mobile. Didn't drive for three days. But the bruise has developed since thursday.

I had a lump come up while I was still on the ward and it was extremely painful, the nurses had to put pressure on it for some time and they called the Consultant back to check it. Huge bruises afterwards and painful for a few weeks.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to BiscuitsBrown

I rested for over five hours after groin angioplasty and over three after a wrist angiogram. To my knowledge the guidelines are two hours rest after a wrist angiogram and four for groin. 48 hours should be allowed for recovery - whilst you can easily avoid using an arm a leg is tricker.

Rosei in reply to BiscuitsBrown

I had an angiogram, the Radiologist used my arm ( my wrist ) I developed an almighty bruise from wrist to my shoulder, black as night with a lump on my wrist, my children were most impressed, I didn't do anything, just waited for it to go, which it did in time.

Hi Biscuits. Like Michael and Bantam I had a lump and bruise following my first angiogram whilst on holiday. My arm was a delightful rainbow of colours black purple blue yellow from elbow down to my wrist. It also had to be pressed on firmly. The pain and ache lasted for several weeks. As Michael says you should see your GP/walk-in Centre/A&E to get it checked out. Hope it gets sorted soon. Zena

Thank you for the replies, very much appreciated. I'm an ex-Royal Navy,Irishman. Not generally bothered by too much. But, this, is on my mind. Your responses do help, thank you. I'll ring my surgery in the morning. Failing that, as suggested, i may call in to the walk-in clinic in our local Boots.

I think we all underestimate how a cardiac event can impact on our lives. It’s about getting used to the way our bodies react to different situations. Take care. Zena

Hello, it's been three weeks since my angiography and I still have bruising and tenderness around the area, apparently its common but in your case I would go to your walk in centre and just for peace of mind get it checked, one bloke on this forum had huge bruising including his penis going black.

Hello Biscuits, I am also ex Pusser. Do not be afraid to get it checked. I have had four angiograms, fortunately three were through the wrist as the one through the groin was sore for a while. This is not a case of "man up" get it looked at today! You are not being a nuisance.

BiscuitsBrown in reply to MK1954

Cheers mate, I'm ringing the Doc this morning. Hopefully i can get seen today.

MK1954 in reply to BiscuitsBrown

Good on you shipwreck. Let us know how it goes. 😜⚓️🍺

Well not all get the same complications like yours, I didn't. However, it's not unheard of. The lump sounds like a slight blood vessel tear. The procedure wasn't done flawlessly it seems. There are sometimes side-effects of these sorts but not to worry will subside in and around a week or two. Do apply oral pain and bruise relieving gels on it, will help. And good to know that your test report was good.

Call the cardio nurses wherever you had ur done , I suspect you need a£e, esp if you are on blood thinners- the wound in the groin isn’t supposed to bleed after the event...

First off, many thanks to. You all for helping to put my mind at ease.

I managed to see the Dr this morning. He had a look and moreorless confirmed all that had been said on here. I now have to monitor it for 10 days. Looking for signs the bruising is spreading, or more importantly, my leg turns pale. This could signify a clot. But, there is a very very small chance of this happening. So, my mind is at ease somewhat.

Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated.

MichaelJHHeart Star

Good news that it appears to be nothing serious even if rather frustrating. If you need further angiogram/angioplasty do mention that this problem occurred and insist on resting for the periods I mentioned. Ask to see the guidelines if they say otherwise!

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