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trying to recover from endocarditis

I have been home now for 4 weeks, after treatment for infective endocarditis and heart disease too. Once again, I have a serious UTI, which is what was suspected as a suspect when the endocarditis was found. All my meds have changed; I have been given blood thinners, and also Amlodipine which is giving me horrendous swollen ankles! I have taken 4 horse-sized tablets for the UTI but I know it is still here, I had a blood test today and my CRP has shifted from 2 to 6 today. was told by the hospital to call for help if I was unwell, but just am not sure what to do...have been a couple of times to emergency with mild chest pains, they did nothing, and now I have this UTI. Feeling very shaky and rather lost with it all. Sorry, sounds like I am moaning but after 7 weeks in hospital I feel I have lost confidence in my ability to be reasonable and sensible...feel a bit panicky. would like to know about others' experiences.

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I’ve had water infections before that i found out wasn’t but endocarditis and other time was water infections so gontonur go with ur water infection. If it is endocarditis the water samples will tell ur gp.


Hi, l am so sorry you are going through this honey! l had sepsis which led to infective endocarditis and an aortic valve replacement. lt is a life threatening infection and l was close to death. However thankfully you and l are still here. l will not lie, it takes everything out of you especially when l returned home after 92 days in hospital. Suddenly l felt so insecure weak and wobbly, every twinge worried me. The worse thing was the depression which made me feel l was carrying a sack of coal on my shoulders. l am now 18 months post severe endocarditis where they drained fluid from my heart and things are much better now. lt took a year for me to get to grips with all l had been through and friends and family want you to be the same as you were, now you have survived. You will get better emotionally but it is a very long road, please be patient and not give up. l have had such wonderful support and advice from AMAZING people on this site l don't know how l would have coped without them. My faith in humanity is so restored. Keep in touch with us all, everyone here is there for you always! Sue x

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