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Acute myocarditis


Hello again.

A few more questions since my last post.

My MRI results confirmed acute myocarditis. I received a letter from my consultant outlining this and the damage caused to my heart. In the letter I was advised that I would receive a follow up appointment. This was 2 weeks ago. The first letter took four weeks after the MRI scan and only followed once I chased it with the consultants secretary.

My questions are, how long should we typically expect to wait for review appointments and also, should I have been referred for cardio rehab? At the moment I am in limbo. How long should I expect it to take to recover, will I make a full recovery, will I be on meds for life, when is it safe to return to a stressful job? All these questions are going round and round in my head and to be honest I am starting to get anxious and somewhat depressed.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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I’d chase the appointment :)

Hi. As Bear has said chase the appointment but in the meantime what about speaking to one of the nurses on the BHF helpline. They will be able to give you some answers. Also maybe book a time with your GP to discuss the results and they may be able to refer you to rehab. The appointments system seems to be a bit like the Dark Arts in Harry Potter. Great when it works but scary when it doesn’t. So definitely chase. Hope all gets sorted soon.

Best wishes. Zena

Hi, I can really identify with you. The wait for appointments & results definitely has caused me a great deal of ‘Heart Anxiety’

Always worth chasing up, asking your GP to follow it up and as Zena says contact the BHF nurses.

Im 9.5 months down the line each time I see my GP or consultant more tests follow but then limbo in between. Its an illness that can take a very long time to recover from, my consultant is now saying a year and warning of post viral effects taking even longer!

Im nolonger on any medication just letting the virus take its course.

I had a strange rash (large circles) on my arms with it and these are now very faded and nearly gone so Im hoping this matches the recovery of my heart too - nearly there 🤞🏽

Did anyone else get a rash?

Hello everyone and thank you for your responses. I took your advice and rang the consultants secretary. I was told she was on holiday and there was no appointment in the system. The person I spoke to did say she would follow it up but couldn’t say how long I would need to wait. I’ll give it another week and will ring again. I really need to give work a return date, but feel like I can’t return yet at full speed, especially without consultant advice.

Here’s hoping.....

Hi did u ever get answers

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