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Aortic Valve Replacement


Just been put on an 8 week waiting list as my bicuspid Aorta needs replacing I’ve been told I’ll be having minimal invasive surgery and a new valve Inspiris Resilia by 3dwards with a potential life span of 30 years I’m 61 has anyone been through this procedure and had this valve fitted . I don’t mind admitting I’m petrified but inquisitive about the whole experience .......... hope someone can help

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MichaelJHHeart Star

With minimally invasive surgery you will recover faster than those of us that had OHS. However, you will need to take it easy for a while - someone else may have an idea of timescales. Accept the offer of cardio rehab.

Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi Michael thank you for replying this is why I’m on the site ....... what does cardio rehab consist of please ?


MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Ticktock61

Basically to help your recovery and improve your fitness. As everyone's cardiac story is different the program will be tailored to suit you. But with other "Hearties" there you will get additional support. The timing of rehab depends on your history. Minimally invasive treatments could be followed up after a few weeks but OHS patients six weeks plus. I actually have never been as my pre-rehab assessment is not till mid-August.

Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks Michael that’s good to know I hope your assessment goes well and you get a full recovery soon

Alison1960 in reply to MichaelJH

We are at the same stage of our journeys I think! Where are you having it done?

Hi Alison

I’m having it done at St Thomas hospital in London

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Ticktock61

Excellent hospital! I had my femur plated there after an accident. Hope the food is better these days!

Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Hospital food is never good but I hope they do the old fashioned puddings like treacle sponge and custard etc don’t get them these days lol 😂😂

Me too! I’m going up there to meet the surgeon on Thursday!

Alison I was there last Thursday 26th July and met my surgeon and had loads of tests and decided to go ahead and get it done so I’m now on the waiting list and it will be 8 weeks . My emotions are all over the place but I’m hoping that’s normal it would be nice to keep in touch and talk each other through the journey. I was born with a Bicuspid Aortic Valve and that’s why 8 need my surgery now


I know exactly how you feel. I’m there tomorrow for tests, meet surgeon and talk through options. (I’m 58 and asymptomatic but with severe stenosis, BAV and a 14 yr old daughter so aiming to be here until I’m 96 like the rest of my family!) What tests did they do and why only 8 week wait? That particular valve and surgery - they sound ideal! Did you decide or did they decide for you? Sorry about so many questions! Are we allied to mention which surgeon? Who knows - we may be there at the same time!!

Although I had only had these tests done recently they decided to do the following


An echo with the jelly

A CT scan

8 files of blood

Then just height weight and BP

Appar3ntly there’s an 18 month window when it’s best to get it done but if you leave it too late there can be complications or the chance of a heart attack or stroke or your heart just giving up due to the stress it’s under . I’m already just inside that 18 month window so I decided to get it done rather than take chances even though I’m scared shitless ( sorry for the language )

Alison I’m going out shortly if I don’t get the chance to reply to you till tomorrow don’t worry I will come back to you as we are virtually on 5be same journey at the same time

Pete 😀

Dream ticket, Ticktock62. Minimally invasive AVR and the new Edwards long life valve. Congratulations and good luck with the precticed short recovery - weeks, not the Gold Standard 3 months for OHS sternotomy with the 9" badge of honour.

With your good fortune (all is relative), I'd buy a lottery ticket! No dodging the cardio rehab and any recommended lifestyle adjustments though to help the surgery heal and deliver the new you. Don't worry, be happy!

Ticktock61 in reply to IanGordon

Hi Ian thanks for replying they still go in through your breastbone which I’m led to believe takes approx 6-8 weeks to heal and recovery is 8-12 weeks but your right I won’t qualify for the 9 inch club , ........ that’s the 2nd time that club has passed me by lol 😂😂

I know I’m lucky with what I’m being offered but it doesn’t make the prospect of the procedure any less scary I’m having days when I’m constantly thinking about it and not all positive then days where I forget im having it done . It’s quite an emotional time where I’ve told myself off and given myself a few kicks up the bum don’t know if this is how others have found it.

IanGordon in reply to Ticktock61

I was pushing for what was termed porthole surgery , was offered partial sternotomy but this offered no real healing time advantages. Surgery is brutal but the pain manageable and not as bad as anticipated. Still some muscular twinges at 14 weeks but pretty much fixed. Regaining fitness takes time and energy but just hang on in there as all will come good.

I’ve had a replacement valve via keyhole many times and it’s not nice but easy to get though just painful and I had breathing difficulties. My next valve replacement will be OHS so not happy. I struggle to cope wen told I need heart surgery.

Ticktock61 in reply to gal4God

So sorry you’ve had to endure this procedure quite a few times I hope the OHS finally sorts it out for you and you can get on with your life saying you struggle to cope when told you need heart su4gery sounds normal to me it’s not like you’ve been told you need a filling at the dentist is it !!

Good luck with the op 👍👍

Hi ticktock and Alison I to have biscupid valve and severe aortic stenosis . I have heard about this valve inspiris ..but don't think they do that at New cross hospital. I have had mri and various tests and had letter saying they are "watching and waiting "! Have echo end of year.. Have requested to see cardiologist sooner as suggested by my gp as she said I'm symptomatic. Emotions all over shop . Im 58.Please keep me updated . This site is great for us all to share our experiences and feelings and to find support. You both take care

Hi Fudge

Insist on seeing cardiologist now get all the tests done I had an Angiogram 4 weeks ago which confirmed it needed sorting now. Sometimes you just have to be a bit pushy as cost is everything to some doctors and hospitals but they are not you and this is your life. Im 61 and don’t mind admitting I just started crying the other day for no other reason than I think I was just a little angry with life and the “ why me syndrome “ and probably a little scared. Don’t beat yourself up if you get emotional just let it go I did feel better afterwards and I’m sure it will happ3n a few more times in the coming weeks and months.


i had minium invasive 9 months ago and still feel like a bus has hit me i have a big chest with loads of muscle my surgeon said lol. i said it was fat lol.the ticking takes a while 2 get used 2 im slowly getting used 2 it take rehab after its a godsend as tmits a roller coaster after with emotions pain depression but does get easier good luck

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