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Cardiac rupture


In January my brother had a cardiac rupture (I believe it was the left ventricle) He has been told that survival rate for this is small and prior to surgery he was given a 50/50 chance.

Obviously we are so grateful for the wonderful surgeons, operating staff and nursing staff who did such a fantastic and more to the point successful job.

He is doing so well in recovery although still not fully discharged by the surgeon.

He would like to have contact with anyone else who has suffered with a similar rupture as there is so much he would like to know and while I can speak about the basics after having a bypass myself I also think he would find talking to someone who has gone through this really useful.

Can anyone help.

TIA as always.

Heather x

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I’ve never had that but I kno even wen things are easier physically it’s not emotionally.

in reply to gal4God

Thank You, I can say the same for me.

Wonderful news Heather, so pleased that your brother is recovering well.

With love, Dory x❤️

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