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hi I'm 47 I was diagnosed with heart disease after having my first heart attack at 44 since then I've been struggling to do anything around my house or even walk very far without having to take my gtn spray every 50 meters or less then in feb this year I had another heart attack and I'm a lot worse now I'm on esa I was told to put in for pip and was refused dew to I'm more ill than I was before I had my last heart attack in February I'm at a loss of what to do next.I suffer from depression and anxiety as well and all this is getting me down please help

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Hi Gaz I can relate to your story as I’m on esa and have hit several brick walls while trying to find out if there’s any more financial help. The Dwp were especially unhelpful and rude but I got the impression they want to wind you up enough that you tell them where to stick it. I booked an appointment with the citizens advice and all they just told me about the website which is no help. Anyway I was told by my sister that near where she lives in Nottingham there’s a help Organization called the Ark, run by the church, and they are supposed to be really good and very helpful with benefits etc I’m going to try and get in touch with them this week, although I live 60 miles away so I don’t know if I’ll meet there criteria. I am also looking more locally for similar charities and I suggest that might be your best plan of action. I’ll let you know if I get any joy and wish you all the best. Try and keep positive as there will be some genuinely nice people out there who can help and I hope all gets better for you soon

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thank you I hope it works out for you 😊

Morning I to can relate to this. I am 58 have aortic stenosis and waiting for decision on whether they going to operate sooner rather than later or just monitor detoriation of valve. The waiting is dreadful. But I was told by heart nurse not to do my little part time job at moment ( one to one carer for severely disabled lady who has epilipsy to) so I lift etc . Couldn't get ssp. As low earnings eventually got through to dwp and so rude and unhelpful and on over hour! Had 22 page document in post yesterday want to know everything! Stress and anxiety through the roof. I'm thinking of giving up job as I also care for dad 80. (Get carers allowance so think they going to deduct that) I must be honest I feel like telling them to stick it to but that's probably what they want! Sick note expired. Doc renewed for 4 weeks at moment. I have had wonderful help from carers association. There are helpful people out there it's just finding them. DWP make you feel awful I think. Rant over sorry. Please let us know how you get on and you take care

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