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Pacemaker Stitches

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hi, my husband ( age 80 ) had his pacemaker put in 3 days ago and has dissolvable stitches which must be kept dry for 7 days

The physiologist told me he can use the shower (ours is not a fixed overhead one ) but must keep the wound, which is on the left, dry.

As he would hold the shower in his right hand I can't see how he can do this without being in danger of falling over as he has dodgy knees.

The water from the shower is bound to spray over unless there is some way to cover the wound up ?

Has anyone any ideas please ?

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Take quick showers. Most surgeons recommend taking showers that last about five minutes until you are stronger and the incision is healing.

Make sure you stay with him whilst he showers and you control the shower head while he holds on with one hand.

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teldee in reply to PMRPete

Thanks for your quick reply

Hi Teldee. What about having a stool or small chair in the shower so he can sit down. Just so he doesn’t have to worry about slipping. Hope he and you get on ok. Best wishes. Zena

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teldee in reply to Zena166

Thanks Zena but not room for that.

I`m 87 and I have just had a pacemaker fitted 8 days ago. I could shower after 7 days but not to use any soap products and to pat the wound dry !

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teldee in reply to ericrw

Thanks for your reply.

Yes HappyJo we are using the flannel washes etc but, as he's 6ft tll and 17stone and I'm only 5ft and 7stone ,so I couldn't get him up if he were to fall and am not taking any risks!!

I did try a shower chair but our shower is over the bath so it was unstable and I had to take it back.

We've read about surgical glue but that's probably for private patients and we are NHS .It's a brilliant idea but the dissolvable stitches must be a lot cheaper.

Anyway shouldn't moan.



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stevejb1810 in reply to teldee

How the wound is closed is down to the surgeon and has nothing to do with whether or not you are a private patient or an NHS one. I had glue to seal up my incisions post CABG and I am an NHS patient. My wife had a hip replacement privately and had staples. To suggest you got 'cheap' treatment because you were an NHS patient, is frankly, rubbish!

Closure of the incision depends on the surgeon and the surgery. I've recently had staples with a large waterproof dressing for a private hip replacement whilst my husband had glue for an NHS coronary bypass (chest and leg) with stitches for his chest drains.

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