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Fish Oil - Little Benefit

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There was a news item on the BBC (I cannot post link on my dumb phone) that said researchers had found there was no real evidence that fish oil was beneficial to the heart. Indeed it was taken off prescription years ago. There does, however, seem to be benefits to general health from Omega 3 if not specifically the heart.

The only supplement I take is SR Vitamin C. Fortunately I like oily fish so unbothered either way.

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I think it was the other way round, supplements = not beneficial, ily fish = beneficial.

.... and another supplement bites the dust in the face of scientific evidence. But keep eating fish as that is good for you :-)

I took supplements for years, including Omega-3, multivitamins, ginkgo biloba and glucosamine. I stopped when I started on all my HF medications. Of course, there is no scientific proof that any of these supplements do any good, but I seemed to be keeping in good condition for 63 - until the fickle finger of fate fingered me. There is also no scientific evidence that those supplements do any harm other than financially: producing expensive urine, perhaps. If And when I can drop the cardiac meds I’ll probably start on the supplements again.

Our body fat is over 50% monounsaturated, more than 1/3 saturated (after millions of years of evolution I trust my body, not the current PHE 'healthy eating' guidelines), with only small amounts of essential fatty acids (EFAs). We need a regular turnover of these PUFAs to prevent them going rancid in the body, and provided we don't have a low natural fat diet it is easy to get all we need from our food.

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