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My husband has been prescribed Furosemide diuretic for fluid build up due to heart irregularities . He already has a low weight . This was discussed with the GP who said he was not over concerned about the weight , and any loss with the tablets . Blood pressure has dropped to 98/44 since the tablets . The NHS page says 90/60 is the lower limit . His weight has dropped , he is already under the dietician for disease malnourishment .

Not sure now how to tackle this . He needs the diuretics for fluid reduction and his heart , but the weight loss and blood pressures drop are to me an issue .

Talk about swings and roundabouts !

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Hi Daisy. I wonder if he needs to be referred to a cardiologist so that he can have further tests and an assessment of his different needs. I think it’s important to go back and discuss again with Doctor. As you say swings and roundabouts but sometimes it takes a length of time to get a balance between all of the medication. In the meantime take care of you as well. Best wishes. Zena

Thank you Zena , that is good advice , will start back with the Gp , he has Aspergillosis and Emphysema too , so it’s a bit of a nightmare with the heart now too . Thank you that has really helped me see a bit clearer . When you are the only carer it’s difficult sometimes


Some weight loss is to be expected with furosemide - it’s purpose is to remove the excess fluid build-up. You don’t say what his heart irregularities are. Has he been seen by a cardiologist? Is he on other heart medications? If so, is he on a medication to lower his blood pressure? This may be all part of his treatment plan but best see the GP again if only for your peace of mind.

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Excess fluid is not weight it is just what it says and not healthy. I gained a huge amount (9kg) immediately post-op due to a severe electrolyte imbalance. Really glad it had all but gone.

Have supplements like Enliven and Ensure been tried as regards the weight. They worked for a friend's elderly mother in what sounds like a similar situation. Smaller but very tasty meals were also beneficial.

I take those, i have naturally low blood pressure, i don't know if the pills have any effect. I am on the cusp of underweight, i think due to muscle wastage. I saw an nhs dietician, her diet sheet was like Weight Watchers nightmare. My gp said Bit controvedsial, you aren't eating too healthily are you? I assured her i was closely following the guidelines, she looked pleased

We have questioned a referral to Cardiology already , but his chest consultant and Gp said no . His chest consultant does cover cardiology too apparently. In answer to the heart problems , they are leaky tricuspid valve , right sided pressure , left side weakness caused by the Aspergillosis and Emphysema putting a strain on the heart. He has anti fungal medication . Theory is I think is if they

control the lungs , which are in a bad way , it will keep the heart from further problems .

In answer to diet , yes he has been on prescription foods for 8 months , since a serious bout of pneumonia last year. He sees a dietician regularly , and can only tolerate small meals, due to getting full quickly . He has had digestive investigations too

Furosemide is usually prescribed as it is on the cheaper end of the spectrum but there are other water pills available. I take 240mg per day to remove excess fluid and am fine as long as I don't plan to go anywhere in the afternoon. I do go for regular kidney function tests to make sure everything is OK - but we all built differently.

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