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A Hot Day!

MichaelJHHeart Star

Since I was discharged post-bypass I have in general been walking a little more each day. I have had a couple of bad days where I have walked less but the general trend is that I am making progress. However, when I went out at lunchtime I did less than half my usual distance (it was 29C) and felt I should return home and rest. I had issues last summer when I was on anti-anginals (put down to hypotension). The anti-anginals have been dropped but bisoprolol added to the mix. Has anybody else noticed this?

I am waiting for it to cool down before I try again as it is still 26C!

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I prefer walking but here in Missouri, summers are usually very hot with high humidity. Ive been forcing myself to ride my inside exercise bike for 30 min on the days the weather is not in my favor.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Hidden

Managed a walk this evening. Just hope we don't have a heatwave as too tired post-op to walk early morning.

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According to the weather forecast tonight we have at least a week of it to look forward to. I have to stay in a darkened room with the fan on. If I come away from the fan my heart starts racing like crazy. I've never tolerated the sun even before the AF etc started. I totally dread this time of year Autumn can't come soon enough. Please be careful on your walks and drink plenty of water :)

The BHF has a useful section on 'Hot weather and your heart' in 'Living with a heart condition' ( sorry - don't know how to add links) which says avoid going out between 11 a.m and 3 p.m. I know it's frustrating during a heatwave, but I absolutely agree it's important not to exercise in the heat. I am 3 years post AVR with no problems, but I walked to an essential appointment Friday lunchtime, including a hill which normally takes my HR to 147 ( I wear a fitbit) - in the heat it was 177! Heat puts a big strain on your heart, not what you want when recovering. I keep the house as cool as possible, stay indoors during the day and long for the heatwave to end!

Your cardiac rehab nurses or the BHF helpline will be sources for advice on how to continue your rehab in hot weather.

I have a different heart condition and never had any issues with heat.

Hi Michael, great news you are walking lots. I'm just over three months post bypass op. I find walking in the morning a better bet as its a bit cooler, or two smaller walks morning and evening. I thought I would find the heat a problem but so far its been ok. Staying out of the sun as much as I can in a room with curtains drawn to cut out as much of the sunlight as possible (as much as its lovely to see). Drink plenty of water too. Best of luck x

Hi Michael,

I write to you from sunny West Lothian , it's hot but not as hot probably Down South. What I really found did affect me was the humidity prior to a massive storm. I became quite breathless which scared me.

As others have said it is best to exercise in the cooler evenings once the sun goes down. I totally get that you are too tired early am.

Best wishes



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