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Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD)

Hi All

Just and update on where things currently stand. I have been attending my Rehab classes once a week and they are useful in getting your mobility and energy back after such a trauma. It’s also nice to meet a range of people in the group who you can share experiences with and the talks are useful. I have also seen my cardiologist who has been very helpful. It has been confirmed that I have SCAD and they are trying to get to the bottom of why this occurred as I am 34 and normally healthy. I suffered and unexpected heart attack and had a stent fitted and I am on medication. I will be having further tests. I do get tired quite a lot and may it is the effect of everything.

I’ll keep you posted once I have further information.

Best Wishes



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Be kind to yourself, Marie. You’ve been through a real shock, and at such an early age. Not something you could have expected. You are managing to get your body back to health, and it sounds like you have a good Consultant, you trust, working with you.

But the psychological acceptance and moving forward seems to take a while. Just reading the postings here, you can see how people find a new good life with heart issues. Not necessarily the old life back, but, and for me, a better ‘new’ style life.

Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks a million and spot on it has been a real shock moving forwards does take a while :) day by day I’m getting there and thanks for your kind words much appreciated I’ll keep you posted


Hi Marie! I've been wondering how you were getting along, and whether you had a definite diagnosis.

Now that you know you had a SCAD could I suggest you look at the site I gave a link to ( scad.lcbru.le.ac.uk/ ). You will have a chance to take part in the research to try and find out the causes of his uncommon event (filling in questionnaires at the moment), and have access to information sheets for yourself and for any medics you come across (!) etc.

Also the Facebook support group where those in your position can offer advice and a whole lot of empathy.

You sound as though you have a good cardiologist and you say you are having further tests (which is more than I got initially!), but if you and they feel you need it you can ask to be referred to the two SCAD specialists in either Leicester (where they are doing the research) or London.

Glad you are enjoying your rehab classes - they are great for regaining confidence in the body that let you down. The tiredness is to be expected - give yourself and your heart time to get used to the meds, and to heal.

Good luck :)


Hi there and thanks a million for you message I have joined the BEAT SCAD website and filled out a few questionnaires thank you for the additional link

Thank you I also follow the Facebook page

I must say I am very touched and impressed by the care I have received throughout such a difficult process from the consultant team nurses and websites like this one

Thanks for the advice it’s much appreciated and hope all is well with you too

Best Wishes 😄


Thanks for your message. I'm fine and hope you are managing in this hot weather!

It sounds as if you have been very lucky with your cardiologist & team. This is something I know a lot of people with SCAD don't get, myself included - no follow up after my 2nd and I wasn't even given the correct name of SCAD the first time!

If you do feel the need to ask for advice/support or just share stuff with your peers, there is always the closed Facebook page 'SCAD - UK & Ireland Survivors' (unless you've already joined under a different name?).

Best of luck for the future :)


Thanks JoanyB

I do feel pleased that I have had such a great level of support and care from the cardiologist team. It’s a shame you can’t say the same hopefully it all improves for you.

What caused the second and how far apart were they?

Thanks I have joined one and will double check best of luck to you also

Best Wishes

Marie 😀



No idea what caused the second one, which was 20 months after the first. Just a normal late Sunday afternoon. I believe the first one was definitely stress.

Importantly, the second was not as bad as the first (and this is evidently usually the case) - in fact the ECG taken by the paramedics was normal. Troponin level was around 350, whereas the first was 35,000! First was in the LAD artery, second in a 'small calibre diagonal branch'. Small amount of heart muscle damage with the first, none with the second.

Off on my holidays to The Lake District on Saturday :)

Best wishes for you continued recovery.



Hi JoanyB

Great to hear from and you wow that is all very shocking and so scary glad you are ok.

Have an amazing time you picked a great week for it! 😀

Best Wishes


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