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Spontaneous coronary artery dissection


I'm new here 51 and a week ago had a heart attack caused by the above.

This happened to me last week is there anyone else out there had the same thing apparently it's not common typical but when it does happen it's usually youngish women with no real risk factors quite often after childbirth. I keep googling it but I'd love to here anyone else's experiences

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Only last week, well I hope you make a full recovery, I’ve not heard of this that’s because I’m a patient not a dr lol but I can only advise about googling, don’t. You will probably be under the radar of cardiologists and specialists, there he ones to ask questions and it’s amazing how everyone including myself does the same thing we all try to get to the bottom and want answers and eventually end up chasing our tails. Best of luck

JoanyB in reply to Jlc1984

Hi. I've directed a few people to a website for this but I only have my phone with me on holiday and can't give you the full details. Google 'Beat SCAD' which is the charity for this and I think this will link you to the research which is being done by Dr David Adlam at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester. There is a closed support Facebook group for advice etc - 'UK & IRELAND SCAD Survivors.

I am home tomorrow and get the full details off my laptop if no-one has helped in the meantime!!

It CAN happen at any age - I was 68!

You will have had a nasty shock. Good luck with your recovery.

JoanyB in reply to JoanyB

PS: The menopause or peri-menopause are also a common time for this to happen.

Jasppip in reply to JoanyB

It has been a shock I have looked at website beatscad and it helped. How long ago did this happen to you? I think I'm at the end of my menopause so perhaps this is a factor just makes it hard understanding why it happened

Ginger1971 in reply to Jlc1984

I understand your reason for not googling, but if I hadn’t I might not be here today. Diagnosed Angina, within 3 months has stents fitted, more to be done. Doctor said I was lucky, girlfriend scoffed the day I googled it. I know it’s a slightly different thing, but it might have saved my life.

Hi Jasppip, I've seen a few posts about this from the forum and it must be an emotional time for you. Have you looked at Sally Bee's story? Wishing you the best of luck xxx

Very emotional and I'm not usually like that crying at the slightest thing. I haven't seen her story but I will look at it now thank you

Sally Bee gave an inspirational talk at last month's BeatSCAD conference but I have not read her book yet. May be worth a read if you are at the beginning of your 'journey'.

Will answer you more fully tomorrow Jasppip :)

Jasppip in reply to JoanyB

Thank you

Jasppip - Many, many apologies for not getting back to you when I said I would. I’d blame the heat but that’s no excuse and I’m very embarrassed!

Glad to see you found the Beat SCAD website - this is the Charity. The other site I mentioned is this one scad.lcbru.le.ac.uk

There is loads of information for you and your GP or Cardiologist (a frightening number of them are totally ignorant about SCAD. My GP reckoned I was the Practice’s first!). Also under the heading ‘PATIENTS AND FAMILY’ there is an ‘interesting links’ and this leads you to the Facebook page (SCAD Survivors Support Group). I really find this group helpful, but not everyone I’ve directed there from here has joined - it doesn’t suit everyone.

If you don’t ‘do’ facebook I think you can get in touch with one of the BeatSCAD Trustees and they might put you in touch with others in your area via emai/meet-ups.

My first SCAD was in January 2016 although it was mis-diagnosed initially and was only seen on an MRI scan 2 weeks later, and even then it was a month before I saw the cardiologist and he just told me I’d had a tear in an artery, that it was just a blip and shouldn’t happen again! So I spent months in blissful ignorance until I had my second (less severe) last September when I was given the SCAD diagnosis (but they just told me research was being done in Leicester and I had to find the information myself - I have had no further appointments at the hospital where I was admitted.

As I was getting no follow-ups at my local hospital, my GP referred me to the SCAD experts at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, and I saw Dr Wood last February. She arranged various tests for me locally to check if the SCAD has healed and if there was any further damage to the small amount caused by my first. I have a follow-up telephone appointment next month to get the results.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of research to be done to find a cause/treatment, which is frustrating. Have you been told about Cardio Rehab? This normally takes place about 6 weeks after your event and is great for getting some confidence back in the body that has let you down.

Sorry again for the delay, and I hope you are continuing your recovery. I think much of the shock is that there is seemingly no reason for the attack.


Thank you for all the information very useful. I will have a look at the stuff you've mentioned. Are you on medication? I am on 6 different tablets a day and feel ok but like you say because there is no cause as such it's hard because you can't do anything to reduce the risk of it happening again and that does worry me. I got in touch with Leicester and they are sending me some informations and I start cardio rehab on the 9th August. The cardio rehab nurse said she was going to arrange a scan appointment. Would you say your life is pretty much back to normal then

Hi it's been a while but I was wondering if you had any pain in the months after your SCAD I wasn't allowed to start rehab because I'm still getting chest pain so they put me on some more tablets still get pain the doctor doesn't seem overly concerned but I'm not at cardiologist until October and I'm desperate to start rehab. Did you get the results of your tests yet?

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