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Hi there everyone hope you're all progressing well and enjoying your day.

I'm cutting out all meat from my food programme.. don't like the word diet..will still eat fish for a while with the intention of eventually not eating that too.

Reason being I'm finding meat is affecting my well being.. will spare you the details.ha.

I was wondering if anyone else has done this and how they felt after a while..more energy etc?

Hugs to you all.

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I have done the same. I am not sure if there are tangible health benefits but certainly much more comfortable i.e. much more easily digested and cheaper!

sandrann in reply to NathanBlau

Thank you for your reply I have already stopped eating dairy foods.. and yes that was a toughie.. I'm hoping to feel the benefits of not eating meat sooner rather than later. Ha.

Will keep you all posted.


I've reduced the amount of red meat I eat significantly and do feel more energetic as a result.

Hi there keep it ticking..haha.great name.

I'll keep you all posted..well that is those of you interested of course.. as I'm now dairy foods free I'm hoping to feel the benefits sooner rather than later.

Watch this space..but don't hold your breath.



Concerned in reply to sandrann

i had a scan a couple of years ago, because my wife wanted to see what eating a high fat diet was doing. The answer is I have zero calcification. It's excess insulin that causes the problem, which is why some omnivores get atherosclerosis and some don't; some vegetarians do, some don't.

Find out how much sugar the food is converted to in your body, and keep it to a sensible amount

Good luck!

sandrann in reply to Concerned

Thank you for your reply Concerned..makes for interesting reading especially the sugar chart.

Enjoy your day..the sun's started shining here after a very chilly day yesterday.


Yes please keep us updated

I don’t eat a lot of red meat but do eat chicken. I can’t eat fish as I have an intolerance. I would struggle to go vegetarian as I don’t particularly like vegetables and the ones I do like are the ones high in vitamin K which I can’t eat a lot of as I’m on warfarin!

Good luck with your new food regime, will be interested to hear how you get on.


sandrann in reply to Fredders

Hi there Fredders.. Wendy.. thank you for your reply.

I too have food intolerances and therefore can appreciate your not eating fish.

It took me a while to stop eating dairy especially finding a 'milk' that agreed with me and I'm now eager and rather excited.. doesn't take much to excite enjoy the benefits of eventually not eating meat.


Hello Sandrann

Good for you. I did the same after my HA last year and have been vegan since November. I feel great and have more energy. I hope you are feeling the benefits too.

sandrann in reply to Sass121

Hi there Sass thank you for your reply..good to hear that you've also achieved becoming a vegan.. I will be right chuffed if I do eventually reach that.. one step at a time for me.

I realise it can be quite limiting with dining out which is one of my favourite pastimes.. reckon I'll be making a few chefs around here my bestie's. Ha.

Enjoy your day.


Sass121 in reply to sandrann

I am the same and love eating out but was pleasantly surprised by the number of restaurants that offer delicious vegan options. If you have access to netflix have a look at a documentary called what the health. It is very interesting.

sandrann in reply to Sass121

Hi there Sass we don't have Netflix but will search on YouTube to see if it's there.

Thank you.


Hi Sandrann. I follow a strict vegan diet and feel much better. I have been vegan for 7 years tended to eat way too many carbs but following my heart attack I reduced carbs like bread and pasta and stopped having any kind of oils. (Following the Cauldwell Esselstyn diet). Feeling much healthier lost 35kgs and less bloated and sluggish. I have to take a Vit B12 supplement and have to check my calcium levels as they can be low as well. I feel good on this diet but it is restricting although I’m not suggesting people go as strict as me. Good luck with it all. Zena

sandrann in reply to Zena166

Hi there Zena thank you for your reply.

Interesting to know you've been vegan for many years and you're feeling the benefits.

I'm looking forward to eventually not eating meat.. cutting out dairy foods took a while and taught me a little more about my will power and determination or not. Ha.

I enjoy good and eating out is one of my favourite pastimes and finding eateries that have a chef instead of frozen ready meals will prove interesting.

Enjoy your day.. it's sunny here just now.


I have gone plant based, wholefood with no oils following my HA. Found it relatively easy and don't miss meat at all. So far have lost 4 stone in weight. I won't say I have more energy but I think the beta blocker is still effecting me.

sandrann in reply to olly615

Hi there Olly thank you for your reply.

Wow..four stones loss in weight.. what an amazing achievement..good for you.

Thank you for your words of encouragement.. knowing my temperament means I'll be taking it one step at a time to eventually achieve being a vegan.

Enjoy your day and whatever you choose to do.


Not stopped eating red meat yet but, not eating as much or enjoying it and leaving a lot if I do have it.

I'm 70 always loved meat so this feels very strange, think I might have to find a good meat free cook book 😀

sandrann in reply to Madgranny2

Hi there Madgranny.. thank you for your reply.

Yes I was also brought up a meat eater.. that's when my dear mum had the pennies to buy it. Ha.

I celebrated my big 70th in March and have achieved stopping eating dairy..that was a toughie but taught me a lot about my will power. Ha.

I've now stopped eating all meats and will eat fish and vegetarian foods until I'm ready to take the next step.

Enjoy your day.


More and more restaurants and cafes are offering vegan options and if they don’t I try and ask with varying results! I was at a meeting and had asked for a vegan option for lunch from the caterers. Technically they delivered..... they provided a cold cooked broccoli sandwich!!! That old saying be careful what you wish for came to mind!!! Sunny here in Newcastle as well for now!

Do remember to take supplements if you follow a vegan diet especially Vit B12 and possibly calcium but you may need to check with your GP or a dietitian. Let me know how you get on. The vegan society website will give you lots of information so worth checking out. Good luck. Zena

sandrann in reply to Zena166

Thank you Zena..yes I do take vitamins..on my dr's direction..never used to take any type of pills before my bypass. Ha.

Newcastle.. I have friends in Ryhope and Sunderland.. and a dear deceased used to live in Washington. Folk up there are so friendly and I was always made welcome despite being a'southerner' ha.


Madgranny2 in reply to sandrann

Whey I man. Us Geordies are geet gud 😂

laura_dropstitchHeart Star in reply to Zena166

Ha ha! Broccoli sandwich! 😂 I'm vegetarian and am often presented with fish. Never been given a cold cooked broccoli sandwich though. My mother-in-law once gave me a quiche where the ham was cut up into very small pieces and so, she claimed, vegetarian... 😂

Hi there laura_dropstitch .. yes I also had a giggle at the broccoli sandwich.. never thought of making one..ha..also had a giggle at the ham quiche.. laughing is healing so they say.. therefore need to make sure of seeing humour in life and live a healthy life..ha..she says after having a bypass..ha..

Have a wonderful day filled with laughter.

Hugs 🤗

My husband has been a strict vegetarians for over 25 years .. I cannot remember a time when I was not vegetarian .. go for it .. for some people eating dead meat and fish is just not normal, for others they need to be carnivores.

sandrann in reply to summer49

Hi there summer 49 thank you for your reply.. it's very encouraging and I'll post my progress over the forthcoming months.


Hi Sandra,

You’ve got a ton of responses already but no harm in adding one more! I went vegetarian (cutting out meat and fish) 4.5 years ago, and have been fully vegan (bye bye dairy, eggs, anything animal related with the occasional allowance of honey) for over a year. With the exception of some questionable nail ridges, my health has never been better. Digestion is superb, energy levels are up, skin and hair are better than ever (that one patch of eczema that just wouldn’t shift hasn’t shown itself since going vegan). My recovery rate from exercise (I run) has improved too, and I find myself eating loads more vegetables and fruit because the list of what I can actually have has reduced so dramatically.

So yeah, I would fully endorse any cutting out of animal products, it has worked wonders for me. Good luck with it!

Hi there WeezeMcCheese ..just loving your name. Ha.

Good to hear how not eating animal products has helped you and your eczema..that can be painful..a close relative has eczema..very encouraging to read.

Isn't this forum g r e a t...folk just like yourself who share their stories and offer support..sooo pleased I found this forum.

Enjoy your day and your running.


I’ve been vegetarian but eat fish since I was 10 for other reasons. I ate junk food so it onli helps wen u eat healthy. Trust me I found ways as a teen to eat crap even tho I’m vegetarian I’ve had too many stents put in my heart but still fink it’s cool so eat healthy.

as concerned mentioned low fat and low sugar both needed .. if your lp(a) is high then more caution needed with excercise , stress management etc

Good for you. Have you watched Forks Over Knives the documentary? Also there is a CNN doc called "The Last Heart Attack" on youtube featuring Bill Clinton and Dr Dean Ornish.

I went wholefood plantbased (WFPB) 2 years ago and have never looked back healthwise including coming off BP meds, halved my cholesterol, clearing up lifelong eczema and reflux disease. And I lost 1.5stone which is a bonus. Feel so much fitter.

As noted by others, B12 supplements needed and Vit D also.

There are some american cookbooks worth looking at because cooking this way takes practice.

I hope you feel as good as I do on it.

Hi Sandrann, I'm going to buck the trend and state that I have felt all the benefits described by those above who quit meat e.g. lost weight, feel great and better, energetic etc but I did not cut out meat. I reduced red meat a lot compared to before, chicken is only a little less often but smaller portions, fish increased considerably and oils kept but changed to predominate with those high in monounsaturates, particularly olive and rapeseed (latter for cooking at mod high temp). Dairy is much reduced, carbohydrates improved in quality/glycaemic index, but refined sugars drastically reduced to a low minimum. No supplements needed or taken. I'm not saying don't stop the meat, just saying there are many healthy ways out there which work, and people will defend their beliefs and I wouldn't necessarily say what I or anybody else does is best as we keep learning things all the time. I do hope your change of eating works out well for you, I'm sure it will. Wish you a long, happy and healthy life!

Hi there Transformerman .. another great name..ha.. thank you for your reply and your experience.. sounds like common sense and I'm pleased it's working for you.. I'm fortunate enough to be open minded on all matters holding with the belief that there's always another way..and what's right for one person isn't always right for another.. it's good to know how we each as individuals re-act to the healing properties of foods and often find answers to our own needs by sharing our personal journey..

I'm on the threshold of mine and will see how it goes.. knowing there's always another way as nowts set in stone and we have free will..

Have a wonderful day


Hi I find all this interesting, I still eat meat, small portions, lots more fish, but perhaps too many carbohydrates. Article in the paper about giving up prescription drugs and cutting out the carbs. A case study showed a man how had a heart attack and a year later with the drugs felt awful, changed his diet, no drugs, lost lot of weight and is running. Also mentions Pioppi diet. Need to look into it more, could do with ideas for lunches without lots of carbs, sandwich is easy.

Hope you get on OK look forward to knowing how it goes.

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