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15 months Journey with heart blocks without Stenting and CABG


All throughout my life I have maintained reasonably healthy life no smoking no alcohol .In my 48th year of my life started feeling strong vertigo and MRI did not reveal anything ususual.Next exploratory checkup with cardiologist found myself with positive stress test . Thereafterafter angiogram revealed 1 artery 100 % blocked,4 more 90% blocked. Effort to stent 100% blocked did not succeed , CABG was suggested but not opted . Totally on medicine,diet,excercise and stress management protocol . Doing good so far . I would love to share my experience and jouney in more details . Refer full details in the photo

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There must be others who have followed a similar plan. How are things going, have you managed to get feedback yet from others in a similar situation?

My situation looks a very rare case where one is with so many blocks without any surgery and no symptom like angina.One explanation is development of collaterals. I have seen nessaarthur type of situation in fb sites where doctors refused to carry out surgery.

Hi, I too have blockages, I have a stent that blocked in less than 18 months and when I suffered another heart attack they didn’t stent the new blockage (not near the stent) and left the stent in place. After numerous scans including a two day nuclear scan they decided that I would not be able to have a bypass because my heart failure was too severe (from previous heart attacks). I was left with just medication to keep me goingfor the last four years. I think a positive attitude is very helpful, it’s no use feeling sorry for yourself, there is always someone worse off. Exercise to the best of your ability and try to keep working is what worked for me. This April I had an ICD fitted and I must admit it’s given me a new lease of life. I realise not everyone can stay positive and there are worrying times for us all, I do still have them, mainly when I get a bit of angina or unexplained chest pain which I have been having lately. In the long run we need to stay fit and as active as possible, eat wisely and also occasionally go off the rails! Hope all goes well with your diagnosis and keep taking the tablets! Ness

Absolutely agree with you.you are a fighter and i admire your journey.For me doctors wanted to bypass i said no to experiment medication and natural healing model.Doing good so far and i am able to drop couple of medicines without any harm to my health

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