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Hi I was diagnosed with Nstemi 4 weeks ago and spent 3 days in hospital.

After angiogram which was clear I was discharged with aspirin and bisoprlol.

Will need to have heart monitor for 7 days and see cardiologist in 3 months.

I wasn’t given information on recovery period or what to expect in the future.

I have had a few palpatations and occasional chest tightness since and tiredness.

Feeling a bit stressed at lack of info 😱

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Your GP will receive the results of any tests you have so you should go and see them. Write a list of all the questions you have and make sure you ask them and get clear answers.

You will find that hearties on here are very helpful too.


Thank you. I have made a Gp appointment for Monday.

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Think I'd be stressed with such a lack of information after a heart attack!! If your arteries were clear did they give you no idea of what caused it? Have you seen a Cardiac Nurse since your discharge, or been referred for Cardio Rehab (although this might wait until they know what's going on with your heart). If your GP can't answer your questions then ask (or demand!) he contacts your cardiologist. Your stress won't be helping your on-going symptoms either. Take it easy for now, and good luck :)

(PS: It would be interesting to know what's going on with you when you find out. Just being nosey!!)


I also had a Nstemi at the end of March. I had a stent fitted 9 years ago. They found everything OK except whilst I was in hospital (3 days) my Tropamins in the heart went up. They concluded that I may have had a virus but couldn't identify it. Sent me home with pills that made me 10 times worse. Now I am just on Gastro Aprin and am taking Clopidegral every other day. But Nstemi is a heart attack, which I am not convinced I had has trebled my travel insurence. 😣


I too have my doubts about having an Nstemi but that’s what it says on discharge notes and the Gp has written that on sick note. I guess they are the professionals !

I have a seven day heart monitor next week as they are looking for the cause.

I have been told I have sticky blood? palpitations and possibly arrhythmia.

Will wait and see what the results say !

Thank you all for your replies.

It’s nice to have people in similar situations to chat to 😀


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