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Stabbing pains?

Had stent fitted 23.5.2018 so all very raw still.

Was coping if you want to call it that 😊

Went to bed last night and getting niggling stabbing pains and dull ache that come on strong and dull every 10 seconds or so pretty much centre of left breastbone

A bit worried it could be the stent and a problem already..

As it's bank holiday I can't do much regarding talking to someone in cardio.

And really don't want to sit down A+E

So any suggestions from you lovely people would really help....

Still having pains now...

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Hi Rob,

If you havn`t done so then call 111 and discuss it with them, they have the expertease to decide it it warrants a trip to the A&E or whether it can wait until you can see your GP.

If the chest pain becomes tight and you feel nauseous or short of breath then 999 immediately.

On the bright side stabbing pains are not indicative of cardiac problems.

Please let us know the outcome.

Good luck



Hi Steve

I had a stent last Wednesday so thought it maybe something to do with that because it started after I had been for a walk.

I was still having chest pain as I was discharged so the consultant did a echogram and more enzyme bloods.

All normal so sent me home..

Just don't know what to think.



Hi Rob

I`ve had 5 angio`s which include 4 stents and 1 cardiac arrest during the procedure and not really had any after effects, although I have heard of people suffering similar symptoms to you. I just wonder if it could be musculoskeletal if you were subconsciously tensing your chest wall during the procedure.

My advice is still to ring 111 and get their advice as this would at least settle your concerns. If its nothing then all well and good but if its more serious then the longer you leave the more damage your doing. As the paramedics have told me on numerous occasions they prefer to attend a worried cardiac patient than one whos in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately my trips usually end in Resus then a spell in CCU.


Good luck



Having a stent does hurt after surgery I’ve had loads.



Yes I've got what people would call stent pain...if that'swhat it is?

But the pains I'm now getting seem very similar to the Angina I was getting before the procedure.

It's really getting me down to be honest

Especially as I'm now fearful to return to the gum to exercise in hopefully another week or so.

I need to exercise as much for my mental state and not just physical

But if this continues I won't get anywhere


Get it checked. I have no idea wat angina is and I’m not a doctor. My stents was put in cos they saw a blockage on my echo I never noticed any symptoms before it was found. They found it early as I have a existing heart condition. I was told i should have been out of breath before surgery and wasn’t really struggling so I guess it was found very early.


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