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New to this .Stent put in 23.5.2018


Had chest pains since March. Pushed for blood test.

Doc said cholesterol was too high at 5.7

I changed my diet straight away even though I'm a fit gym goer runner swimmer.

Then had stress test done..something cropped up 10mins into my test so then put in cardio ward.

2days later dicharged

Went on to have more pain (angina) and three admissions to A+E finally got CT scan then Angiogram last week..

Showed Right artery small and unobstructed.

Left main and circumflex are normal

Diffuse atheroma in LAD with perhaps a 30% narrowing in proximal segment but just beyond the second diagonal was a critical stenosis.

So I has a 3 x 15 XIENCE stent put in.

Apparently it was tricky because my LAD is at a strange angle?

Since last week's procedure I have got my tryglicerides down to 1.3 and overall cholesterol to took me 3weeks and good diet..

Should I mention this to cardiologist because I'm on 40mg statin that's already affecting me.

Plus Ticagrelor 90mg

Asprin 75mg

And Lansoprazole 30mg

Please help anyone

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Yes you should tell you cardiologist but don’t be surprised if they still keep you on statins - for cardiac patients, there are other potential benefits of taking them beyond just controlling your cholesterol levels

Rob6868 in reply to stevejb1810

Thank you Steve

I think your right! Very early days for me yet but I agree with you that I very much doubt there do anything.

Not sure if it would help. I was on 20mg statin and my total cholesterol was 3.5. The cardio team said the dosage is low and and increased it to 40mg.

Rob6868 in reply to mandm65

Well done on the Marathon to start with.

Must say I'm very envious lol as like a of people on here I'm also a runner and swimmer and gym goer! It's that I'm missing at the moment.But it is very early days for me yet.

Still getting over the shock that I was days from a heart attack and was still digging holes and putting up fencing.

But you certainly are an insperation to people like myself a newbie that never dreamed I would be in this situation and wondering if I will be here next year with 4kids to think about.

As for the statins

It's odd because when they saw my ct scan I went onto 20mg and since angioplasty I'm on 40mg so that must be standard 😊

mandm65 in reply to Rob6868

Thanks, yes it was an achievement which would make anyone proud, I felt so blessed not sure about inspiration though :-).

I guess we all need to make a start and naturally our fitness levels determine where we start and then it’s a matter of working with your cardio team to set goals. Sometime its slow, sometime its challenging but the key is not to lose hope and just keep trying until you get where you want.

So the conclusion is to take it easy no need to rush as its early days for you, keep your hopes high and be positive, don’t let any negative thoughts ruin your day. You have not mentioned anything about rehab sessions so don’t forget to chase that option too.

All the best for the future and keep us posted as you make progress. I am sure we will see a runner’s badge next to your name.

Rob6868 in reply to mandm65

Hi mand

Thank you for your speedy reply😊

As it happens I've just walked out the doctors after asking to go on cardio rehab.

They have a nurse at my surgery who starts the ball rolling and I'm booked to see her on the 11th so not too long! I a very tenacious guy lol and I will be on everyone's case if I'm left in the dark.

Jus walked to the doctors 4times lol but feel OK as it was my first real walk since last Wednesday

A bit of chest pain still but we shall see.

Not back at work yet so too much time on my hands haha...makes a change for me.

But trying to stay positive but hard at times as the dreaded depression creeps in mainly at night or when kids are running around screaming and shouting

I suppose I could always pack them in a container and send them to Africa or something so I can get some bloody peace😂😂😂

Statin help to stabilize the fibrous cap that forms over plaque in arteries, reducing risk of rupture, clotting, and heart attack. So staying on statins if you can handle them is a good idea.

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