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Waiting time for surgery!

My husband seen surgeon over 2 weeks ago and was told he would have triple/quad bypass surgery within 4weeks but would need test to check his heart to see where they are putting the grafts since there is a bit of damage to his heart due to cardiac arrest and years ago and 3 heart attacks since, also to check his arteries behind the chest to see if they are not diseased, is this something anyone else have any experience on this and what is the time frame after tests for surgery x

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I had a number of tests done within a few days of surgery. I was admitted immediately from the angiogram and had the triple CABG 8 days later. So, sounds like you have time at the moment. If you are still concerned try calling the cardiology secretary to see if you get some info that way.


I guess we are all different. I waited three months after an angiogram for my quad bypass even though I was labelled urgent.


So was collie that's why a thought it would be quicker 🤥


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