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Waiting for open Heart surgery.

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Hi, I have been on this site before. Could anyone let me know if they are in the same situation. My husband is due to have open heart surgery but due to the corona virus they have been put on hold. I appreciate the situation and would be very worried if he needed his operation with the virus hanging around. What I’m thinking is that if the virus could go on for months and ultimately open heart surgery not just for my husband but also for others who have severe valve damage. What are the surgeons/hospitals do to make provisions to get around this. Are they going to some clean ITU beds for those who need surgery and are urgent elective surgery, looking forward what is going to happen.

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The answer to that is we dont know

My Mum is in similar situation after waiting a year she had appointment this month which was cancelled .

All we know at this point in time is if a emergency situation we can still call 999 something I hope none of us will have to do .

Lets hope we have some answers soon but I think its going to longer than the 3 weeks we have now been given .

Take Care

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Jewel7 in reply to Rose54

Thank you for your reply. I’m like others concerned that potentially this could go on for another 6 to 8 months and there will be people out there that are in a worse situation than possibly my husband, although he has a severe aortic regurgitation of the aortic valve and the cardiac surgeon said he needed his op sooner than later. I just think that I’m away how long is a piece of string, I appreciate that these procedures need to be in a safe environment away from the virus so that none of our loved ones having their op would contract it. I’m worried that there will be a bottle neck situation when the surgeons do get operating again and there will be more time added to people needed procedures. It’s such a worry... we were told the same that if needed go through A&E and as you say none of us want that. It’s always best to have it done in a controlled environment.


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Prada47 in reply to Jewel7


I am sure I heard on the news they are moving people to the Nightingale Hospital from other London Locations to free up capacity so they can start some elective surgery . I am pretty sure I have that right? maybe someone else can comment.

I do think when this is over ( and it will be ) the NHS will be looking to use the Capacity all over the country to cut down on waiting lists. i.e. the much maligned Private Sector will be used a lot !!!

I had an Angiogram in a Mobile Unit it was like a portacabin on wheels in the Hospital Car Park. This was when my local Hospital had became over whelmed with people on the waiting list

If I thought something was going wrong I wouldn't hesitate to go to A & E it is still less Risk than other Alternative Risks like waiting to see what develops.

Stay Well and Take Care

My 16 year old son is due a tricuspid repair and our consultation with the surgeon was cancelled 30 mins before we were due to leave home, in the days before the lock down.

Totally get why but am also so worried about the delay now. We were hoping for surgery between GCSE’s and starting A Levels, so less disruption for him.

Just have to be grateful we are safe and well, and then take what we can when offered.


Hi, I’m in a similar position waiting to have open heart surgery for aortic valve replacement as I have asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis. It’s horrible and scary but nothing we can do at the moment but wait. Stay in and stay safe in the meantime and let’s hope the nightmare calms down soon and we can get everything back on track. No one wants to go into hospital as an emergency case so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that for any of us. 🤞

Let’s hope so 👍

Needs to come soon👍

Hi Jewel.

Urgent elective surgeries are starting up again under strict guidelines. Like your husband I have been waiting for open heart surgery since before the Corona virus started. I have a severely enlarged heart as well as valve damage. My operation was cancelled twice before they put all surgeries on hold.

I will be going into hospital this Friday for an operation on Tuesday, just to make sure I'm safe enough to operate on. I won't be allowed any visitors before or after the op, even my wife. We'll also need to take extra precautions after the op so I don't come into contact with anything then.

I'm sure your husband's operation won't be too far behind as long as it's safe to do so.

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Jewel7 in reply to TooMuchCoffee

Hi thank you for your message, can I ask are the guideline across country or down to the individual county. I’m just asking as we’ve not heard here in up north. I hope all goes well with you. Can I ask are you having a valve replacement and were you given a choice of which type of valve you would like.

Thank you.

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TooMuchCoffee in reply to Jewel7

Hi. I'm having mine in Liverpool, not sure about the rest of the country. Yes I'm having a replacement valve. I was given a choice and chose a mechanical one.

Hope this helps.

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Jewel7 in reply to TooMuchCoffee

Hi Too Much Coffee, Thank you got your reply, we can only hope I guess that my husbands appointment comes through the letterbox soon. We hope all goes well for you and you soon get back to feeling stronger. Please do keep in touch on this site and let us know how things are going.

Regards and best wishes.

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