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just looking for bit of advice I was on PIP last October my heart condition deteriated very badly severe heart failure and new CRT pacemaker fitted after 3 operations in 4 weeks. I contacted the dwp to inform them of my change of circumstances as recquired. AFter few weeks was sent again for assement 6 WEEKS later was informed was taken of PIP as I could work a microwave and did not seem out of breath when walked 19feet from waiting room to assement room honestly. I had been waiting 30 mins so obviously not out of breath. I Appealed with letters from my Consualtant cardiac nurses and gp. my conditition has not improved since operations .I received word today my appeal failed they are going with asserers report ignoring expert advice and letters .Anyone else with chronic severe heart failure and CRT PACEMAKER receiving PIP im totally disgusted

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MichaelJHHeart Star

You have my total sympathy. Some years ago I was sent for an ATOS assessment as I had been signed off (as unfit for work) by my GP. ATOS decided I was and my ESA was stopped. In doing so they overwrote the opinion of my GP and consultant. Part of the comments included "he can work a mobile phone" and "he could move empty boxes"! Other decisions I have seen over the years seem equally stupid and yet I have come across people classed as unfit for being severely overweight (a self inflicted condition). These days I work p/t on software for the medical/wellness sector.

I get low rate pip mobility I work full time I've also had a icd fitted wi heart failure n cadiopathy and a f just go for appeal


Hi, not quite the same but my husband has heart failure & was on esa in the support group. He had an assessment, was taken out of support & put in the group that prepares you for work, this was despite the assessor confirming he wouldn't be able to work! He asked for a mandatory reconsideration but they wouldn't overturn the decision. The CAB gave him the number of a disability charity who helped him fill in the form for an appeal, approx 2 weeks later he had a letter from DWP confirming they'd overturned the original decision & he'd been put back into the support group. The criteria for PIP is different to ESA but I think the process is the same. Get advice & help but be aware there are time limitations, i.e. You must ask for reconsideration within a month of the decision & then again the appeal must be lodged within a month of the reconsideration result (although do check I've got this right!), good luck xx

My granddaughters has a single ventricle, transposition and pulmonary stenosis. Despite letters from consultant and go her PIP was stopped because the assessor saw her hold and drink from, a mug of tea.

She had previously been on DLA.

Luckily we are in a position to help her. She is 23 now and we are not going to last forever.

The whole PIP thing is a disgusting mess.

She gets Universal Credit because she lives alone, this gives her £7.00 A week for food. Deemed sufficient because she is under 25 with no dependants

thank you that's disgusting re apply

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