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I just had a Quintuple (5) Bypass


Well, well... I'm a newby here. Here is my question... 5 weeks out and I sleep about 6-8 hours a night. But still enjoy a 40 minute to 1 hour nap most days. Is this normal? I am self employed so most days and I spare the time. When I cannot, I do not do the naps, but when I can I thoroughly enjoy it. Am I doing any harm?

I'm alive! 64 yrs old. Was feeling fatigued, went to the Doc, and next thing I know I'm in getting the big bypass. Fortunate for me, no heart muscle damage, as they say, "normal squeeze". I was fortunate! I'm 5 weeks out from the surgery. Started out at 18 stone, am presently 16, but need to get to about 14 or so. I walk or ride the stationary cycle for a good 20 minutes a day. I'm eating what they call the "Mediterranean Diet" with a tad bit more meat, as fish and poultry. I keep my calorie intake to 1850, and I'm eating better quality than any other time in my life.

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You sound a damn lot better than most of us well done its good to hear you are recovering so well x

Mikgalmo in reply to DAFFODILLS

Thank you. I know I’m very fortunate to have no heart damage. I’ll not disrespect the second chance I’ve got by going back to my bad habits.

Hi Mikgalmo. I would say having naps is normal I still do 10 months on from a heart attack! And 5 weeks on from major heart surgery is relatively recent. Your body needs time to recover so it’s about balance. Well done on the weight loss and lifestyle change. Keep it going. As you say it’s a second chance. Many don’t get that opportunity. Stay strong and keep well. Take care. Zena

Mikgalmo in reply to Zena166

Thank you. I stay quite busy otherwise, and I’ve always been a nap guy on Sundays!

I’m so pleased to hear you are doing so well, you have given me encouragement. I am being admitted to Liverpool tomorrow for a triple bypass on Thursday & the apprehension is building up now. Reading about everyone’s experiences on here has been a great help.


wiltsgirl in reply to thetidders

Hi thetidders. I’m 4 weeks post triple bypass. The advice I would give you is have a good non wired bra with you. Take all the pain relief you need, get going as soon as you can and you may have some phlegm you need to get rid of. Make sure you use your cough cushion to ease the pain and hold it to your chest, not stomach which was what I did. Best of luck, let us know when you’re up and about xx

thetidders in reply to wiltsgirl

Thanks very much, I’ve got a wireless soft bra I’m taking with me. I’ve got Asthma so I do expect some phlegm & I know I’ve got to keep coughing, thanks for the advise about the cushion. I’ve tried to keep walking whilst I ve been waiting so I’m determined to get moving when I can.

Will try & keep you posted when I can.


Mikgalmo in reply to thetidders

Don’t sweat it too much. If you feel too stressed after you are admitted, let them know, they will offer you a happy injection. Don’t refuse it. :)

thetidders in reply to Mikgalmo

Thanks very much, I may be taking your advise tomorrow.

Bitez in reply to thetidders

You are in the very best of hands , they are fantastic . Don’t worry , I had a triple bypass 18 months ago , can’t fault the care I received in Liverpool xx

thetidders in reply to Bitez

Hi Bitez, I agree with you about Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital, I had my bypass in April last year & thought the staff were wonderful there.


Hi Mikgalmo,

As others have said, what an achievement in such a short time. Well done and keep it up. Take care.

Mikgalmo in reply to Ketantanna

Thank you!

Sounds like you couldn't be doing much better and well done on making the changes. With regards to naps, the way I see it is that if your body tells you it could do with 40 winks, then why not. You're in a good position being self employed (as I am) and a nap can only do you good. I was never one to take naps but since my heart attack/stents I sometimes do now.. whether that's the beta blockers or just general fatigue, who knows, but when I feel wiped out a good nap sorts me out.

Nice boat btw.

Mikgalmo in reply to Marc68

Thank you👍

Hi, I had a triple bypass four weeks ago and am having a nap in the afternoon most days. I get a good 7-8 hours sleep per night too, walk a mile a day. My GP says it’s fine. You’re doing fantastically well, keep up the good work. One of my friends brother had a quad about 32 years ago and is still going strong.

Mikgalmo in reply to wiltsgirl

That sounds great. Thank you and good luck!

I had a triple bypass in 1997 and I am still going!

Mikgalmo in reply to jimmyq

That’s sounds promising! I just need to make this exercise thing a habit!

Wow, here I am a month later! I was supposed to limit lifting anything over 5 kilos (10 lbs) until the middle of this month but I surpassed that about 3 weeks ago. I just paid attention to my body and did not over do it too much. Yes, a little hurt here and there long the chest but nothing serious. I read where doing a little over stress on the chest incision actually would make it heal stronger. anyways doing well on the chest and other incision healing, and dead spots getting better.

I'm either riding my bike or stationary cycle 20 minutes every other day. Need to do this everyday. I'll keep working on it!

I really find it difficult to turn this into a daily habit.

Still losing weight but very slow. About a pend a week max. I need to get on the bike everyday! Should reduce my calories a bit more too. I've been using the UnderArmor, "My Fitness Pal" and it is a great help!

We are probably eating what could be called the Mediterranean diet as we do use a lot of those sort of recipes. I'm down to eating 95% non meat diet, lots of fish. Variety has saved my sanity from staying away from pork, beef and lamb! Those treats are relegated to once every two weeks.

So far, so good.

Brilliant news. One pound per week is still good. It means there’s more chance of it staying off. Glad you’re recovering so well. Take care. Zena x

MichaelJHHeart Star

Good to see your thread. I am waiting on a date for a quadruple (although one consultant thought it might be quintuple). I need a nap now so goodness knows what it will be like after the operation! :) zzzzzz Two years ago I started getting very tired and put it down to ageing. My initial cardiologist thinks it may have been early symptoms with the angina suppressed by another drug I was on at the time - the angina appearing when it was stopped. The cardiac dolly mixture I am on does appear to make the tiredness worse. Good luck with your ongoing recovery.

Mikgalmo in reply to MichaelJH

Hang in there! At 64 I feel like a new man, especially for being a working class bloke me whole life! New plumbing made a big difference for me.

And I'll not disrespect this new chance at a long life by going back to me old habits!

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